special kind of observations

special kinds of observations
*Yesterday I saw two chairs standing near the water. All the year they had waited for me till I would find the right time to sit on one of them. Seasons past by. It was now summer. A hot day in the afternoon.
I sat myself down and after a while I noticed the shadow of the hughest tree of the parc in the water. The slightest movement of the smalest fish can make the water move all the end through the other side of the pond. The air was filled with a little wind, enough to make the tree dance in the rimpels of the water.
The branches of the three grew bigger and then again smaller, like if some kind of fluid was passing through them. The branches seemed to become a gigantic pump through wich it’s blood was pumped.
I imagined this was like when someone gets a hartattac or something…a vain breaking while to much pressure made it explode. The dancing leaves in the water seemed to be like the smallest bio in our longs, very meryly operating in their territory. I sat so silent and forgot about the parc, concentrating on this essence of life, that once my concentration was broken I saw the shy wild parccat with a whole bunch of her young traversing the parc, tails in the air…so that was why I turned back a few hours earlier when I wanted to get me a cat with someone I know…lifes work in often predicting, unexplainable ways. When I wanted to get some food for the cats the whole lot of them flew in all directions…one little cat forgot on her trip in the outside that their is water where land ends…and fell in the water…swimming onto a nest surrounded by water. When I took the boot to catch the wild cat, a stupid idea, I discoverd that a pair of waterbirds indeed had made a nest on top of a whole lot of lost wood I had put in the water.
*If you pay attention to what is beeing said between two people or more, it is the result of what goes on in their separated minds…but in an aditional form. Even the place were one is, is the result of what went on in one or more minds. Both statements are the logic result of a number of things happening every day…slept upon through the night and getting more ready for execution the following day. to be continued


February 6, 2010. Tags: , , , . spirituality.

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