Fellow World Occupier :

Fellow World occupier
Jobless? Time to wonder why ? Too much work,
always producing more in less time ? Forced
into a cruel competition with co-workers, other
farmers or businessmen ? You ask yourself why
all that war and poverty ? You wonder why a
president or head of state can put the war
machine in action against the will of the
congress, parliament or the population ?
You wonder why a party leader against the
majority of his party members can go to war ?

Maybe you think ‘living and working in such
a world, that cannot be the meaning of life ?
Maybe you cannot see the sense of the work you
are doing…and you cannot find another job
easily ? You cannot find a political party or
trade union that offers you a larger picture
of the global situation or solutions …or the
ones who real have a valuable opposition
seem to be acting apart from each other ?

You think that the official education system
doesn’t focus enough on all those problems
and offers no accurate explanation about
politics and daily life ? Your social and
personal relations do not benefit from all
these circumstances. You are fed up seeing
certain TV programs, reading some kind of
newspapers or you want to stop with certain
habits that make your life more negative ?
You want to do something about this,
starting with yourself.

You realize that a human being is not a robot
designed to work and you want to come up
for yourself and others; because of the fact
that the same difficulties arise in other
families, with other people in other countries
and working units…the same questions seem
to touch others in a more awful way, depending
on where one lives.

You don’t need a drug any more to get away
from it all. You know that being obsessed to
much with negative emotions and with
wanting to buy too much stuff can attack
your objective judgment and criticism,
even your inner evolution as the unique
soul you are.

In short, you are conscious about a number
of things that keep you away from developing
a broader consciousness and you realize that
you need fellow-thinkers to put all that
consciousness in a growing number of people
and action. You can make a conscious choice.
You do want to get involved in making this a
better world without war and poverty and more
real happiness, less pollution of all kind .
You want a world with less stress at work and
at home, more time for reading about the rest
of the world and all kind of thing, more time
for cultural things .

We can experience life in a more complete way.
No ordinary idiot entertainment based on
sensation with too little inner content.
No more shows where there is being taught
how to eliminate others in order to see some
individual run away with the big money…
in order to teach us that such attitudes ought
to be our way of life. No false divisions based
on race, nationality, religion or economical power.
No more that terrible amount of publicity on our
TV screens. No more that economical way of life
that says ‘buy more or there will be an
economical crises’. No more war because i
t provides jobs…no should that business down
internationally, no more arms production
and arms trade. Only police should be armed.
No more media using a part of the truth
mixed with lies. No more misuse of the values
behind words as socialism, god, religion,
philosophy …in order to keep the system of
speculating with money and material values
in place.

It is not the intention of world history to keep
the evil that is being promoted in place.
Vote for a change, yes you can vote for a
political program yourself before in a second
round you can vote for the ones having
to implicate and control it. You can vote
on project lists instead of party lists.
Participate on a worldwide referendum :

Go to http://www.bloggen.be/conscience2008
philosophical resistance octo


February 7, 2010. politics.


  1. futiledemocracy replied:

    This has quickly become one of my favourite entries!

  2. closertothesoul replied:

    0ne day old and already 2 comments on my newest home. Thanks, I favorised as well and put a link on my page for gast-authors http://filosofischverzet2.skynetblogs.be Maybe I can introduce you on http://dichterbijdeziel.skynetblogs.be in the Dutch part of Belgium as a gast-author. Out of my main 7 blogs 3 of them are quite popular with a ranking in the top ten often. I’m glad I put some of my more important texts on an English provider (a lot of translation work through the years) seeiing the qualities of people like you that reacted so far

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