to be or not to be, but what is to be ?

I am I said

The begining of time never existed.

We give and take and leave our traces.

Circumstances were always different, ‘evolution’ you know,… ‘beiing’ was, is, will always be one.

Even when on a sudden day it looks like ‘beiing’ isn’t there any more.

Maybe it left us, hopefully, as enriched radiation. Back to the roorts of biological life.

There are a number of ways to express oneself if one wants to communicate about the essence of life.

I could pass you films about the beauty of the universe.

I could show you pictures, send you some music, encourage you to use your artistic skills, your talents, study… .

I could translate some texts I wrote so far, guide you to my main blogs and their links and those of others.

I could tell you stories the roles in life we play for others.

I could invite you to come and talk about it or to react by email.

I could post videos with spoken explanation, but the effort to understand starts in your own environment.

It would lead us to far, in time, as one grows older and one learns to deal with emotions, one gets wiser… .

In our own lifetime we evoluate, based on our levels of consciousness and knowledge and people we meet.

Everyone has their own experiences in life to interpretate and deal with, learn and share with others.

Life is not just something that happened by coincidence.

It is something completely spiritual that translated itself in to matter starting from the radiation after a bigbang.

Why was there a bigbang, probably in a cycle of bigbangs ?

Because something that tends to become smaller or equal than zero tends to explote.

Symbolically (spiritually) this means that something without a form cannot exist.

When something tends to become meaningless, it disapears in to another form of energy.

Because of the growing pressure to evoluate, it’s lifetime is limited.

Whether a social or an individual relationship, that basic law of ‘making sense’ controls all evolution.

The road from radiation to atom, molecule,cell, organisms…to us or from tribe to modern society…breads evolution.

In each episode their are laws of attraction that play their part in the game of growing consciousness.

Everything has a core in the micro and macro world. Galaxies, milky ways, stars, atoms…our own inner.

An atom has a proton (+) and neutron position (+-), the surrounding electrons are –

Symbolically this means that an atom or even a person can react or not, atoms with energy, we in words,mimicry…

or one can take an observatorish attitude…opting for a kind of indifferent balance.

Whatever we do always depends of what came in to existence before us.

Philosophically the question is : in how far are we free to choose and in how far are we determined by what and who ?

It might be a question over the border of those who lived and those who live.

One can interpretate something logically-scientifically or (and) symbolically.

If one considers science in this way, it not only tells us a scientific story, but one with a purpose.

Every life once lived, was preparated to become in to beiing aware of more and more.

We have a choice, taking an interest in what philosohers, writers…scientists said and say or not.

We can decide to play computergames all day and taking no intrest in what is goiing on in society.

We can chose to live without taking a real intrest in the souls of the ones we love or happen to know.

What we can not escape from is the untruth we believe in, because we were told so or because we made our selves believe in.


August 10, 2010. philosophy, Uncategorized.

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