Against Fanatism

against fanatism :science can prove the meaning of life and dead
I can fully understand that people need to be followers of a religion, I hold nothing against them. Each religion contains certain values that non-religious persons understand as well. Originally the word ‘religion’ comes from the French word ‘relier’, wich means ‘connecting’. In fact non-religious people practice religion in their search for understanding the meaning of life through studying science, philosofy, history, religion, psychology…they connect all this together to a vision. I hope one day we will live in a world where everybody has the means to work and live humanly without people following fundamentalist leaders in their appeals for bloody ‘holy’ wars. I hope some day a time of worldpeace will come where people have the time to study and understand that life really has a lot of usefull meanings. Even ‘dead’ and eternal life can partly be explained scientifically.
Let’s try. What can our generations add to what has already been discovered ? Asking wheter a ‘God’ exist is the same question as asking whether at the ‘beginning’ there
was an energie that did not need the whole evolution that we went through, to reach the same consciousness.

axioama ‘O’
a) Something without a form does not exist, because something equal to ‘Zero’,can not exist, it ‘explodes’…just like the ‘big-bang(s)’. This is true as well for what happens in atoms and cells as for what happens to suns that explode and even in relationships or societies unther pressure : ‘they explode’…when they approach the point of meaningless :Zero…you can fight it, but you can’t stop it.

b) All matter posseses ‘energy’

c) All kinds of energy produced the first ‘cel’, the first not ‘purely’ matterly form of consciousness. ‘Consciousness’ still functions according to the structure of the atom , with the centre of the atom that can interact with the negatively charged electrons that surround it. The center can also ‘not act’ when it uses it’s ‘neutron’ charge (+ and – in balance) It is thesame model as the ‘decision-making-model’ in our heads.

d)Cells learnt how to multiply themselves by dividing themselves…they already had a kind of intelligence they heritated from mineral life, light, water, air…and they passed it on to us. When those first cells died , they past their intelligence to the new ones, but not in yet in a genetical way…because they did not ‘discover’ how to divide themselves yet. Maybe they past it on in a spiritual way.

axioma 1
a)biological life and matter are one

b)there still is a connection between both, not only the earth giving us food and the sun giving us light,
,but we still beiing earth, light, waves….conscious energy

axioma 2
a)there still is a connection between biological life itself

b)that connection is influenced by the events, by thaughts, by words, by acting…

c)there is an ever changing and evoluating hierarchy in the network of biological life, even in your own 91

d)the way one thinks and speeks and evoluates does not only depend from him or her itself but also from the genetical, emotional and cultural influences from the environment

e)we’ll have to ‘balance’ before we decide on important matters, study, not blindly ‘follow’

axioma 3
a)What happens to our last ‘biological’ consciousness when we die ? It returns to it’s former components…but let us not forget that we are light and waves and fire and anti-matter as well as ‘earth to earth’. We also maybe keep on evoluting according to our merits and the progres that is made on earth as well. So indirectly we maybe can become
a kind of ‘advisers’ and not only continue our lives through our genetical heritage.
So you see fantasy and believing can be wonderfull and if they are based on science…they can be a hope for the future ?
b)Life is full of beautiful symbolism, isn’t it ?

octo, from the Philosophers For Peace -group
camerades, frères et soeurs Arabes comrades, Arab brothers and sisters :
sallaam alleikumVous n’etes pas les ennemis des travailleurs du reste du monde. Faites quand même attention que vous vous basez sur les choses valables de vos textes du Koran et pas sur les extrimistes religieux qui veulent utiliser ces valeurs pour justifier des massacres. Ce sont les gouvernements de droite ou un premier de droite et un president de droite qui ont envoyés des troups en Irak, pas les travailleurs. C’est vrai que les travailleurs doivent de plus en plus se revolter de manière pacifique contre l’imperialisme, mais vous aussi vous devez vous liberer des anciens structures. Ne croyez pas comme gens croyant en ”Dieu que ‘les autres’ sont tous des gens qui ne
croient pas dans l’éternité de la vie, on y croit, mais d’un façon plus scientifique; même la plupart de ceux qui ne vont plus à l’église.
Comment la vie a-t-elle commencée ? Quelque chose qui n’a pas de forme ne peut pas exister, car tout ce qui est plus petit ou égale à zero…explode.
Ceci est vrai aussi bien pour les étoiles que pour les atomes. Le grand et le petit. Le big-bang, suivit par la formation des planetes et enfin la vie, les cellules…font preuf que l’histoire de la vie a une signification. Et comment expliquer l’immortalité demandriez vous ? C’est ma conviction que les premiers cellules qui se formaient, quand elles mouraient, leur energie a rejoingnées l’énergie des cellules nouvelles nées pour leur instruire enfin de leur apprendre à se diviser pour se multiplier. Ce proces à mené jusqu’à le sex a été inventé après la formation des premiers organismes qui seulement se multipliaient en se divisant. Alors les plantes et les animaux et l’homme sont venu. L’Histoire de l’homme va dans le sense d’une planete pas divisée par des frontieres nationalistes ou réligieuses . Le chemin peut etre long, mais se fixer sur les anciens pouvoirs de l’histoire … .


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innerlight-degrees of consciousness,emotional evolution & other conceptions

innerlight 1. Degrees of consciousness, ’emotional evolution’ and other conceptions
‘The desire from matter to be able to see, made our consciousness possible.’
This is how a poet would explain life.
That poet wouldn’t be far from the thruth. We are matter and matter is us. There must have been ‘consciousness’ already in non-biological life, otherwise biological life shouldn’t have been created. Matter became more and more conscious about itself through it’s finest form,biological life. We became more conscious by beiing able to manage matter. We also became more conscious of ourselves, thanks to other persons. From the moment humanity started it’s cultural adventure, they mainly occupied themselves with making material products, commodities…practical life, indeed is in fact mainly MOVEMENT outside our body…witch is closely linked and starts with our biological needs. Our biological ‘soul’ is the sum of physical and chemical elements and laws, combined with our personality and emotions. All forms of consciousness have their roots in matter…this was the word ‘heathen’, (‘pagan’) originally meant. Our consciousness goes back to matter from the kosmos, it is in fact cosmos. Human beiing in fact, is stone, plant and animal and in fact adds or can ad a higher degree of INNER SPIRITUAL movement, stronger then our basic emotional ‘soul’. There is a difference between the world outside us, our internal parts (our organs), our soul (emotionally bound) and our inner (the spiritual factor). In order to understand then notion ‘innercommunication’ the differences and connections between the ‘internal'(organs) and the ‘soul’ (emotional) and the ‘inner’ (spiritual); are very important.
Everything that exist has a form, something without a form cannot exist, because something almost equal to zero tends to explode. That’s why nihilism makes no sense.
When our body dies, out of the soul whereout our spirit continuously grew, our spirit is born, with it’s own form of matter. We are ‘all in one’, everything linked together : the minnerals with their laws of physics, the ‘hardware’-structure of life, the basis of all objective science; combined with the laws of chemistery and all subjectiv laws that control our emotions and even the objectiv and subjectiv laws of society. The laws of physics not only are about how atoms and molecules are build and about how, because of their attraction they build from the microcosmos the macrocosmos with it’s galaxies.
The laws of physics already show that eternally old and new desire to create from the ‘innerlight of matter’, hidden in the anti-matter of kosmos the ‘normal’ light we can now see outside in makrokosmos and the light of our hapiness inside.
Once the planet Earth was formed, the desire from the innerlight of matter to evoluate to more consciousness, could continue. The anorganic minnerals, created the organic cells…physics created chemistry…like out of XX-woman, came XYmen. Physics, our skeleton, our relation with gravity…already teaching us the basics of psychological equilibrance.
Chemistry, our stomach, symbol of creation of energy sitting on our unther-belly the matterly-part of the source of our sensuality who started one stage lower where our sexual energy is continously beiing born. Beautiful story, isn’t it, we cannot ignore that we are family of the hardware-matter…like when vulcanos errupt and produce furtile ground, we can ‘errupt’ as well and produce new life.
The energies you are reading about wright in the end produces ‘intelligence’. ‘Intelligence’ in fact is the practical child of our spiritual development. The ‘intelligence’ of vegetative life (like plants) is an intelligence that is more ‘relaxed’ teh the intelligence of animal-life. Human intelligence still is more directed towards the struggle for life…it shouldn’t stay that way, history will makes sure of that, (see:, unther History. Acquiring knowledge and cultural development as well as an insight in psychological relations in order to understand the world and the reason why one lives,
should become more important then a lot of commercial stupidity. Where there is to much commercial pollution one cannot get in touch with ones own ‘innercommunication’.
Our organs are ‘living beiings’ as well. Our stomach gives us energy, but we have to put something in it. But our stomach can react by producing pain-warningsigns if we keep on having to much problems in our lives.
All the information of every part of our body is centralised in the brain…where our intelligence and our emotions are trying to keep both sides of our brain in equilibrance.
In case of heavy conflicts the only solution is making a choice,(speaking some words, handling…)or taking a position of indifferent equilibrance..and patience.
We have four kinds of CONSCIOUSNESS from BELOW : unconsious consciousness or mineral consciousness,
untherconsciousness or vegetaive consciousness, bog-ore consciousness or biological consciousness…and consciousness.
This can produce a number of conflicts between emotionally oposite energies : for exemple : fear and daring, pure instinct and sensuality, jealousy and comprehension, fanity and selfknowledge, greed or solidarity, melancholy and gladness.
Human beiing and society is in a proces of development towards less egoism. Therefore positive emotions must in general win from the negative ones. To help us in this struggle we can use our four different forms of consciousness from ABOVE : hearing, speaking, seeing and intuitivity. In general when we use the word ‘consciousness’ we mean everything we can registrate, the facts. With ‘untherconsciousness’ we also mean the situations we can create on a long or short term by wishing this or that in our dreams, fantasy or thoughts…or with ‘unconsciousness’ the psychological substancy in matter itself.
An exemple of bog-ore consciousness is the wisdom of our genes or the other energies goiing through our body.
A very special form of consciousness, the prelude of ‘innercomuication’ is ‘intuition’. It tries to shows us the way as well as amusing things or it even tries to predict or prefeel certain things for us. Therefore you can read about the TOOLS our spirit can use.
All of our cells have different kinds of consciousness as well. Those energies belong to one of the eight forms of consciousness I mentioned. Our blood takes those forms of consciousness everywhere in our body.
According to the circumstances in a moment of some day, we thus get the apropriate words, images, thoughts, intuition…that go along with them. That is the way in which our different forms of consciousness grow to an individual an collective spirit on it’s way to beat negative emotions which keep us away from our innercommunication. The purpose of it all is to discover the beautiful beiing, hidden inside of us.
Somethimes we need illusions to learn what we have yet to learn. We are sometimes constantly beiing pushed into them by our different forms of consciousness. You can reach a point where you not only get ‘food’ from what you eat but from the consciousness you have achieved. Earth, water, bellies, air, hearing, seeing,speaking…they all produce different themes of life…they all produce differents forms of beiing…they all produce …us.
34.innerlight 2. everything as an evolution of energy
Everything is matter. Matter is fastmatter (hardware) and ether-matter.
Innnerlightmatter exists in the spaces of anti-matter in the microkosmos of everything. The innerlightmatter is a world like the macrocosmos with milions of degrees of warmth on each kubic millimeter. All electrons have an eternal existence and turn like planets around their stars (atoms). Who says there isn’t life on these microplanets ? Which energetic bridge is their between the visible and unvisible world of matter, between microcosmos and macrocosmos ? We ? Spiritual life ?
In all 88 pure elements of Mendeljev’s tabel to which we partly return after our dead, there not only are chemical characteristics, but also physical forces : temperatures, distances, speeds, different degrees of pression.
In the end all these complicated things produce beautifull things like a smile and feelings. The less we have to suffer, the more innerlightenergy can flow through our body. We can become more then a brain that has to concentrate on survival.
Our brain tries to obtain knowledge, our feelings try not to waste time on negative emotions and to love; our spirit reflects between the bridges between our inner-relation en the rest of our relations with others. We should more wonder about the voyage that all intelligence before us, made between minneral, cel and us. If we understand the energy that made this possible we will understand that we are being used by nature and it’s intelligence to continue this journey towards more individual consciousness as a part of more collective consciousness that will result in more humanly forms ofliving together as a society and as individuals. In this way we’ll experience more satisfaction in our ‘spiritual life’ as well.
If one doesn’t believe that there could be a form of intelligence that did not need all te way we travelled to reach our consciousness, then we must put forward another axioma; namely :
‘in the anti-matter from chemical elements there already existed a bog-ore intellgence that guided further evolution towards cells and finer ways of communication and consciousness.
The voyage from the original pure elements till pure elements once again has lots of meanings. The question whether our spiritual heritage can exist outside a biological carier
is not an easy one. Will we only return to the consciousness of the pure elements we were composed of or not ? Will it be a collectve consciousness or an individual one.
I tried to give an answer by writing ‘ there was life after all, after dead’.
Maybe there is such a thing as a force that guids, but not leads the orchestra of life…let’s call it ‘collective consciousness’ then. Each person is a unique composition, a will to live that represents everyone that came into existence before her or him.
Being born is accepting the challenge of dealing with problems of all kind…ameliorating or completing what came before ones lifestory.
To finish this article, I add an axioma of mine that can help you philosophing about life and dead.
In order to understand some practical experiences and to discover the laws by which they occur or happen, we can put forward some suppositions and test them to keep on ameliorating our findings and axiomas so in the end we should be able to feel the laws by which life moves… . By doiing so we come close to the spiritual matter…but we will never fully understand everything about it…maybe because we cannot support the degrees of truth about or own life and that of others….
Exemples for axioma : ” Our ‘spirit’ is born when our soul stops existing” (when our emotional life here dies together with our body). « There is a kind of conversation between living souls and spiritual powers » or « there is no inter soul-spiritual contact between spiritual powers, they continue their own development in another world ».
« Reincarnation is only a biological issue…we cannot return ». « Soul-matter is passed on by our genes, spiritual matter can not be passed in this dimmension ». « In order to give our spiritual development a bonus we must learn how to get a strong soul in this earthly dimmension …this means getting independent of negative emotions».
« Can we change our existential menu ? »
If you are getting to much away of what you should be doiing with your life , then negative
emotions and feelings aswell as positive ones…or things that happen can be used by life to correct you.
More about this very important energy later. Maybe my main is about introducing a new kind of political system, but in order to be able to do so we’ll have to make people stronger in their pshygological, soul related life…therefore this study.
Or maybe my main shall be explaing the difference between soul and spirit or the relation between them : must we get ‘stronger’ here in order to evoluate in another dimmension more favourably, or to be able to let those after us function better…during and after our own life ?
EUREKA -axioma :Thesis : idealist axioma. Antithesis : materialist axioma. Synthesis : indifferent equilibre.
The idealist axioma is based on the axioma that you keep on functioning OUTSIDE the body, related to the energy you left behind before you died. Everyone evoluates in the direction of his dead, a moment when one becomes an unbodylike energy that will become part of the further evolution of the ones you leave behind…or evoluates more or less independently according to ones merits. My materialist eureka is based on the fact that spiritual life can only exist within a biological ‘house’ and is genetically bound by means of family and further on….a statement that not necessarely means accepting the fact of interrelations between the material and spiritual world. Isn’t our earthly soul something in between the idealist and materialist vision , an embryo for the spiritual dimmension ?
That’s why next to the material and idealist axioma’s I also put forward the synthese : an axioma of ‘indifferent equlibre’ stating that once the biological life comes to an end we return to the consciousness of the elements that made us : minneral, water, air, light…hidden in the anti-matter of them…maybe enjoyable as well,but unconscient ? So just by beeiing air and light an minnerals…they join the living in an indifferent way…feeding the living ones, taking biologically part in their existence…and by their indifference, maybe have an influence after all.
oc ‘combination’

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Hello Humanity !

Hello Humanity,

Do you remember how we, long before the chicken and long before the first eg and the first atom…how we lived together as one energy in one smal basic point ?
Our home was a tiny bit bigger then zero…and almost aproaching ‘zero’…would certainly mean ‘exploding’, the ‘big bang’…because something without sense, without meaning…without containence…cannot exist.
Do you still remember how our bog-ore form of life started billions of years ago ?
As pure radiation we easily didn’t believe in death, not in zero and neither in ghosts. We just were full of energy, full of radiation, we just were light that for ever slowly met heights and downs, progressing and retarding, maybe once again worked at the creation of the first atom of matter. We just couldn’t say no to our growing desire of consciousness…after our galaxy had colapsed into one point again on a previous occasion. As bundeled light we could feel each others experiences and through the grandparents of electricity and magnetism we once again began a new adventure.
We created the earth in very conscience manner.
The first ten seconds after the big-bang indeed were the ejaculation of all ages…you still repeat it from time to time. Even after we had created our earth, our supereg…the work was not over yet. We had to form cells and organisms…and the human beiing.
The beautiful documentaries we make of this evoluation coincidence with an age that the struggle for possesion of raw materials and markets once again threatens the very existence of our kind. Some politicians try to hide this and they say that it only is a battle between races, languages, religions and nations. They are so afraid of losing their place in the sun, that in the proces of submission of reason and human imagination they try to keep on ruling by showing how gut butchers they are.
They are becoming anachroncic. We should distilate a comon wisdom from all experiences of the past.
What keeps us so divided? We can explain live without having to kill each other because we don’t agree in our visions upon life and death ? We fall apart in matter and radiation after our death. Radiation created matter and we remain radiation in the end…with it’s own kind of consciousness. We also keep on living through our genetical connections. We are all together one enormous composition. Each generation we try out new formulas, new compositions…to get rid of our negative emotions more and more. ‘Existing’ is completing each other in various ways. The more we use our talents the more intense the radiation we leave behind will be.
As long as we do not make ourselves nervious we don’t make the ones we love nervious…to be continued

Même toi et une petite communauté peut sauvgarder le monde
Il ya maintenant dix années que j’écrivais les mots suivants :

“La paix viendra dans le coeur des gens avec l’esprit honnête. Péservez le monde de déstruction et guidez les gens vers des vies meilleurs.
N’oubliez jamais que le monde est indivisible. Il n’ya qu’une vie et un monde, prenez vote résponsabilité et vie le plus intense que possible. Soyez légère en guidant. Allez vers les gens et parlez des joies à venir. Ta place serais partout où tu te sentiras libre.
Observez, controlez tes forces. Expliquez eux ce que c’est le monde matériel et la matière spirituelle. La vérité est très simple. La vérité se cache dans le passé, elle vie dans le présent et elle a besoin du futur. Pourquoi on trouve pas assez de joie parmis beaucoup de gens ?
Les gens ne s’étonnent pas assez de qui il vraiement sont et de ce que ça veut dire cette vie qu’ils mènent. Ils devraient être plus philosophes que matérialistes, ils devraient se poser la question pourquoi ils vivent dans un monde de richesse et pauvreté, guerre et paix, stress sur leur travail et chomage. Mais il ya d’autres raisons pour le manque de joie…des raisons donc ont ne peut pas écrire encore et des raisons donc personne ne peut écrire.”
Quand je regarde ses mots de nouveau,fin de juillet 2006, je sais seulement dire que la paix peut venir dans nos coeurs le jour où les gens commençent réfléchir et agir pour faire de ce monde une place meilleure pour vivre ensemble. Pourquoi nous laisserions la direction de ce monde dans les mains d’une petite miniorité qui l’exploite à la faveur du même miniorité ? Pourquoi on serait obligé à ne rien y faire et à regarder comment le monde se détériore de plus en plus ? Ceux qu’on voit d’habtitude se donner leur mains ‘importants’ ou buvant quelques chose derrière leur grands tables de négociation en préparants leurs guerres et en présentant eux-mêmes comme les sauveteurs de la race humain en effet sont les mêmes qui nourissent la misère du monde contemporain. Ils empêchent les gens d’avoir un travail util et les gardent dans une sorte d’esclavage moderne. Ils controlent les états et les compagnies et maintiennent un pouvoir énorme sur nos vies. Ils controlent la grande partie des media et il continuent à écrire leur propre version sanglante de l’histoire.
Et nous-autres alors ? On accepte les cent manières dont eux il controlent nos vies. Quand est-ce que la majorité d’entre nous comprendrais que la condition de ce monde est le résultat de notre inconscience et notre refus de changer quelque chose…ont leur
donne presque carte blanche pour faire ce qu’ils veulent. Est-ce qu’on va tolérer qu’ils continuent à mentir sur ce que c’est en réalité la liberté et les valeurs humains ? Non, on va plus nous laisser faire…et nous…ça commence avec toi-même.
Quelles sont les raisons pour lesquelles on n’a pas assez de courage sur le plan personel et social ? Si ont veut savoir d’où nos émotions négatives viennent et qui nous sommes…on ne devait pas aller le demander uniquement dans les temples des nos différents réligions. Si vous aimez à lire les anciens textes alors lisez les en étant conscient que les gens qui ont écrivés ces textes étaient un produit de leur temps et qu’on doit trouvé notre chemin propre à notre temps.
Les réponses philosophiques et la foi ont les peut trouver aussi bien dans la science et souvent dans une certaine façon il ya pas de contrediction entre la science et les aspirations d’une vie éternelle.

Ce que nous sommes et d’où on vient
En effet on peut commencer notre recherche sur le sense de la vie par nous réaliser que quelque chose peut simplement exister si ça a un sens. Pourquoi ? Parce que quelque chose sans forme ne peut pas exister…tous forme de matière qui veut prendre une espace qui approche ou veut s’égaliser avec ‘zéro’…explose. C’est juste comme le big-bang (ou les big-bangs) de l’histoire de l’univers.
Trop de pression sur un point fait exploder tout dans le monde mikro autant que dans le monde makro…n’importe comment on définie nous même ou dans quelle stade on était : étoile, atom, cellule, même nos propre relations…trop de pression rendent des nouveaux evolutions possible…quand ses evolutions improuvent la position de la vielle position…on dit que quelque chose a une sense.
Les lois de la nature ont developées les conditions idéales pour que la vie biologique vraiement demarerait. Après le big-bang il n’y avait vraiement pas quelque chose qu’on pouvait ‘toucher’.
La matière existait seulement comme différents formes de radiation(entre eux nous nous touchaient dans notre forme primaire aussi vous pourriez dire). En Néerlandais le mot pour ‘radiation’ est ‘straling’…quand quelqu’un est heureux on dit qu’il nous semble ‘stralend’. C’étaient les lois et les essaies de la radiation qui ont produit la première atome et après les planètes et les conditions climatiques favorables à créer la première cellule etc… . C’est vraiement une histoire formidable que chacun peut rechercher pour soit-même. Alors,la prochaine fois que tu te promène dans un bois, réalisez vous avec quelle vitesse la terre sous tes pieds voyage dans l’univers dans la direction dans laquelle elle a été poussé il y a 15 milliards d’années. Tout ce passé étonnante, toute cette sagesse les premières cellulles ont atteint avant d’apprendre comment se diviser pour rester en vie…tout ça continue d’exister au moment même que vous lisez ces mots. Quand nous mourons un partie de nous deviennent des minnérals etc, mais la radiation quitte nos corps. L’étude de la façon donc nous observons et quelques expériences personelles je ne préferais pas nommer ‘mysticals’, aussi bien que certains études scientifiques m’ont ammené à croire que nos vies n’ont pas simplement un sens social…mais aussi que sur le plan personel on interact pour créer les conditions qui nous amènent plus proche de notre ame. Notre ame, non pas seulement les pieces d’héritage genétique des premiers cellules…mais l’essentiel qui vraiment fait de nous ce qu’on est…peut-être c ‘est notre radiation constament enrichi pendant ses derniers 15 miljards d’années.
En effet, n’est-ce pas tous qui existe une âme ? On voit ‘Dieu’ comme l’idéale person abstract qui controle tout, mais en effet le but de notre évolution est à faire travailler le monde d’une façon qu’on peut vivre en paix matériellement pour avoir plus de temps à comparer les différents façons donc on donne une significtion à nos vies. A quelqu’un qui croit dans la réincarnation on pourrais répondre que la chance que
quelqu’un réapparaitrais dans les mêmes conditions…pourrais durer quelques milliers de big-bangs par exemple …ou qu’on était déjà la comme des pieces divisées dans tous les vies qui ont vécu devant notre existence comme telle. On est une mix, mais le navigateur dans nous même devrait toujours suivre la ligne de son coeur, pas la ligne de combien d’argent en plus on peux gagner ou comment on peut se revencher sur quelqu’un. On devait tous essayer de surmonter nos différences philosophiques, réligieux, sociales et nos émotions negatives basées sur n’importe quoi qui c’est passé dans le passé et on devait oublier notre histoire sanglante et ont devait recommencer en mettant le focus sur le présent et en voulant des bons choses pour notre future.
La matière et l’esprit ont toujours été une. La matière était de l’energie et l’energy veut toujours dire la possibilité de création et evolution. Même en essayant de détruire l’energie on n’obtient qu’un changement d’énérgie. ‘Le sens de la vie’ est quelque chose qui a toujours existé. Le voyage de nature à la culture humaine a été tres long. La matière contiens de l’energie qui a préparé le dévelopement de l’energie spirituelle…ou bien la matière originelle était toujours la totalité d’énergie collectée entre deux big-bangs. La première signification de la vie est d’abord le cultivage de matière spirituelle. Tous les forces comme temperatures, distances, vitesse, pression et temps, tous les mouvements d’atoms et cellules…tous servent la croissance de l’énergie spirituelle. Ca a toujours été comme ça. Notre esprit n’est pas seulement composé des electrons de tous les cellules de notre cerveaux mais de tous les atoms des autres cellules. En effet on peut dire que tous nos cellulles ont une conscience spécifique.
La question ‘qui sommes nous’peut être reondu par ‘d’où est-ce-qu’on vient. Cette question n’est plus une monopoly de la réligion. ‘Religion’ vient du mot ‘relier’, faire des combinaisons. Des combinaisons entre les sciences et la philosophy, les politics et la psychology nous aide à mieux comprendre le vrai sens de nos vies. La ‘foi’ peut être basé sur un ri magnifique ou des mots bien utilisés ou sur la musique…la réponse sur la question ‘sens de la vie’ n’est pas uniquement intellectuelle.
En effet ceux qui se demandent trop s’il y a un Dieu ou pas, se préoccupent avec la question suivante :’Est-ce-qu’il ya une energie qui a moins ou plus de conscience et pouvoir que nous…et est-ce-que cet energie n’a pas du faire le voyage entre radiation, atom, cellule et nous pour atteindre ce conscience ? Quelle sorte d’énergie est-ce-qu’il ya present avant le big-bang ? Est-ce que c’est l’énérgie enrichi du big-bang avant ou est-ce-que c’est toujours la meme point de départ ?
Avec le mot ‘Dieu’ on veut simplement expresser le désir de plus de conscience…et ça c’est le but de toute l’evolution en effet.
Il parait alors que la création d’energy éternelle toujours recommence avec ne pas vouloir être personne ou rien…tous les deux des choses qui n’existent pas. Ca veut aussi dire que si quelqu’un meurt celui -là reste ou peut prendre la forme d’une energy dont on ne sait pas beaucoup…même si on sait beaucoup sur la ‘radiation’. ‘Radiation’ est donc originellement la combinaison de tout les formes d’energy qui existaient dans un cycle entre deux big-bangs et qui veut commencer de nouveau ou faire quelque chose de nouveau. Est-ce-que c’est Einstein et d’autres et leurs livres et héritage ou bien est-ce que c’est la radiation parmis nous qui me font conclure tout ça ?
Who knows…both probably ? I believe. Quelque chose qui dit ‘il ya ‘plus’ dans la vie’c’est déjà assez…il faut pas vouloir prouver.
C’est uniquement pour les curieux et ceux qui en ont besoin des preuves.
Plustôt que rester divisés entre croyants classiques, croyants nouveaux et ‘incroyant'(ça n’existe pas, car ça a aussi une forme) et tous leur subdivisions…il y a assez de questions pratique pour résoudre dan ce monde. Pourquoi il n’y pas une système pour gérer la société qui rends impossible ce que personne ne veut : ignorance, guerre, pauvreté, faminne… ?

Pourquoi les relations humains souvent fournissent beucoup d’angoisse et chagrin ? Dans une seule question : ‘pourquoi l’humain a-t-il autant de problèmes avec des mots comme ‘dieu, mort, histoire, argent ou valeurs comme amitié, famille, plaisir, désir,… ? Je crois que pour un part c’est parce que il me semble que nos observations sont souvent troublés par nos émotions négatives…parvenant de nous même ou d’autres. D’une autre coté c’est comme peut-être même devant l’ejaculation etc il y a déjà un effort et une conquerence entre des différents genes…qui même font des coalitions…comme si notre passé cherche constament à prolonger le future dans le présent…ne voulant pas devenir ‘sans signification’…mais toujours àla recherche des lessons voulaient apprendre mais n’ont pas pu terminer.

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innercommunication-tools (draft)


the way our mind works in a spiritual way
Wish I could write this in every language and dialect ; each with it’s own charm. ‘Charm’ is already French…we are one big family with the same roots. One morning, a million years ago, ‘African Lucy in the sky with diamonds’, saw the sun rising in the east and went to Asia.Then people followed the sun towards the West, and discovered Europe and America

Everything is always on it’s way to expression. Nature, since the very beginning worked endlessly on a system of reproduction and finer and finer communication…not only bussines-communication. People learn to express who they are and what they have with each other. In order to understand themselves they have to observe how their mind works.
The system even works without words and has many different forms of expression. Everything is experience and expression.
The most difficult or complicated experiences will have to sink to the bodem of the river of life…in order to keep on feeling strong enough to continue ones road in life. On such moments we can think positive again… on such moments we can write again for example. The muse is then bigger then the a-muse. One must always pick the best words to express something; when one writes a birth card to a new born one does not put on it : ‘welcome to the world, come and collect your scars’.
If we really discover the beauty in ourselve, no one ever shall go and fight wars or nobody will get emotionally hurt.

getting closer to the mysteries of our mind…and getting enthousiastic about life again.
ABT Analysing back in time and forward
Exem. If one wants to know why we can take part in bourgeois political elections or not it’s necessay to not just study the history of our country but it’s necessary to dig for the roots of history, namely the economical develepmont that always determines the groups that are in power. ( See my homepage unther ‘history’.)
On the biological field it’s also a bit like imaging how cells evoluated to organisms and furhermore untill our intellect started evoluating…your trying to remember is like your cells, trying to remember their own past. ( See my homepage unther ‘philosophy’.)
On the psychological field, all those things connected with our soul, can be retought of to…the more one gets experienced in life the more one can discover why your life was what it was. By doing so you can reach the beginning of what is meant with those conditions who are a greater dimmension then everything concerning the ‘soul and all his positive and negative emotions’ The ‘elements of the soul’ are based on the elements of the body and his needs and senses. Physics and Chemics were the bricks of Biology and Psychology…did they all together produce the spiritual world or were they beiing put together by a kind of main dimmension of that spiritual world ?
The answer to this question can be found in the question : ‘what is attraction’ ?
Attraction has driven atoms and moleculs and minerals aswell as the light and fluids to form life as we know it…and our developing consciousness has developed the way we live. All this is one song. (See my homepage unther ‘poetry’ and ‘media’)
REACHING CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT THOSE INTERDISCIPLINAR KINDS OF CREATIVITY WHO MUST HELP US TO UNDERSTAND MORE ABOUT SPIRITUALITY. Good Luck. Maintaining the same level of consciousness shall prove to be not so easy, confronted with the practical challenges of every day life.
But it’s only in the interaction between theory and practice that our more then just ‘psychological ‘ voices can be understood. On the top of this kind of understanding one will understand how your environment will help you succeed in doiing what you were existentially ment for. (see tool ‘existential menu’ EXM’)

By this is meant all the psychological kinds of REASONING we can use to respond on practical things that happen to us or our relation with everybody and everything as were the practical things about this are concerned…to put it more easy : All those things a computer can ‘reason’ about also.
If we manage to put of this ‘computerfunction’ in us, the higher dimmension in us starts ‘advicing’. We can put this compterfunction of by reaching a certain degree of wisdom and calm in our life… or by living as spontanueously as certain children can…or by just doiing the dishes, or doiing some kind of work you do almost automatically, or by beiing close to nature. Exem. : when you get inspiration to write, but you can’t get it on paper yet////or when you’ve had a ‘fight in words’ with someone and you want to take an emotional distance from him or her.
In order to understand some practical experiences and to discover the laws by which they occur or happen, we can put forward some suppositions and test them to keep on ameliorating our findings and axiomas so in the end we should be able to feel the laws by which life moves… . By doiing so we come close to the spiritual matter…but we will never fully understand everything about it…maybe because we cannot support the degrees of truth about or own life and that of others….
Exemples for axioma : ” Our ‘spirit’ is born when our soul stops existing” (when our emotional life here dies together with our body). « There is a kind of conversation between living souls and spiritual powers » or « there is no inter soul-spiritual contact between spiritual powers, they continue their own development in another world ».
« Reincarnation is only a biological issue…we cannot return ». « Soul-matter is passed on by our genes, spiritual matter can not be passed in this dimmension ». « In order to give our spiritual development a bonus we must learn how to get a strong soul in this earthly dimmension …this means getting independent of negative emotions».
« Can we change our existential menu ? »
Images and circumstances…of the past, still clear in ones head. This is the proof that present and past are one…to prepare the inevitable future. The only thing that does not exist (time) is the strongest one.

COINTHA ” thaught
COINTIM ” time
COININT ” intuition
COINPLA ” place
COINBOO ¨ ” opening book on certain page with something relevant at the moment
COINCIR ” circumstances
To be solved individually .All ‘coincidence cases’ : maybe it’s just the INNER VOICE OR THOUGHT THAT’s getting confused : difficult to separate
See former comment on COIN-cases, (also possible with other tools)
See for exem. text ‘Wo we were’ unther philosophy
COMBT COMBINING TEXT (thought, intuition…)
I do not know myself anymore what I meant with this. Maybe it will come back to me in a strange way. Oh yes, for exemple one reads a text in a book which refers to a problem your facing and which you are writing also about…and an inner discussion begins (which looks a bit like the method of ‘thesis, anti-theses, syntheses’)
Is a kind of inner-voice like information, that like an inner-voice also can be literally or symbollically meant. Sometimes what the image means can occure as a fact that explains something during the day but sometimes even a few days later or more… ? (PS I call it ‘dream’-image because even if one is awake you can have those ‘dream’-kind informations. Sometimes even just talking to people you can have those dream-kind impressions…one forgets them easily and remembers them somethimes meeting those people or things again. The real important ones you never forget.
When you really want some info or some guiding concerning decisions you have to take…you can get valuable answers…on condition you are fysically and mentally not to weak at that moment…then you get rather confused answers.
Without the need to analyse, because you considered the dream as a kind of ‘after-meal’-effekt or a quick mix of the passed day…or based on fear or other negative emotions. You forget those kinds of dreams easily and they not often come back in the day-time as images that come back again.
Very special energetic images that almost ‘touch’ ones deepest self. Once you start doubting what they ‘mean’ and start giving a second or third…explanation they seem to lose their importance or value and it is more difficult trying to remember them for a long time.
DR+1+2 INTERCONN.dreams
Once I dreamt I was putting tons of fallen fruit on a truck that would drive the fruit to the siropfactory. When I came back home they told me my oldest son had been working with my sister and her husband, he namely had been doiing the same work I dreamt of. I did not know before and that kind of work is not often done on the fruitfarm where my son rarely works.
It was a surprise to me ,the more I was spending the night of my dream near the sea, a 150km away. Interconnected. ?
DR+ is when you have no problem analysing the dream. DR- is when dreamanalysing can make you confused, you cannot enjoy dreamanalysing at that moment or in the period you are because of mainly fysical or (and) psychological reasons you are having in a period of your live
(can be a moment, minutes, hour,day, week, years…)where you can not reach your inner relationship very clearly. It’s best to let pass those moments, hoping to be able to let go the ‘weight’ and negative energy in yourself by eating less or different, walking, laughing, enjoying what you do, slow down…only take decisions when you found the real you again.
Some people have a very good vision-orientated memory. Alike one can have a memory for dialogues . To bad a lot of people remember the dialogues they should forget or the ones they misinterpretated. This disturbs the understanding between people…but like in the world of physics with it’s + an – laws, dialogues have already brought a lot of people to a deeper understanding of themselves and their relations. (communication.)
DIA+1+2 ” more then two
The same as above ; but throwing one bal in the air and catching it, is not the same as playing with 2,3, 4… It’s a different dimmension of observing what happens.
Analysing what really happened happens almost always afterwards.

You know the feeling, you felt good and very quickly it seems something fysically is missing, something the soul or the embryo of the spiritual energy in yourself needed.
Somethimes this feeling dissapears by eating something with sucre(do not get adicted…), by drinking water…by goiing somewhere else in your usual places of environment where other confrontations await. One can wonder in the last place which energy is using which energy to do or think or say what (only insiders will understand…people with temporally or constant law levels can ‘eat’ you)
There is more water in our belly then in our lungs because emotions mainly come from the belly…when we’re little,we cry when we cannot get satisfaction in our needs :food, affection…some of us learn to be more content then others.
Turning the folowing negative emotions into positive ones is often a longlife task :
Fear into fearlesness, Jealousness into comprehension, Egoism into sharing, to Dominating lust into balancing the male and female energy in yourself,
Fanity into Humbleness, Ignorance into Knowing, understanding…, Bach Flower Remedies have beautiful descripions about this…but like in positively thinking the remedy (or in case of the Bach Flowers the fluid) not only helps alone. Positively thinking cannot do without conflicts as well as the homeopathic stuff cannot do without the action of the evoluating person.
Theory goes together with practice
EM- ” neg.
Getting stuck in them prevents you from evoluating.
If you are getting to much away of what you should be doiing with your life , then negative emotions and feelings aswell as positive ones…or things that happen can be used by life to correct you.
More about this very important energy later. Maybe my main is about introducing a new kind of political system, but in order to be able to do so we’ll have to make people stronger in their pshygological, soul related life…therefore this study.
Or maybe my main shall be explaing the difference between soul and spirit or the relation between them : must we get ‘stronger’ here in order to evoluate in another dimmension more favourably, or to be able to let those after us function better…during and after our own life ?
EUREKA -axioma. Thesis : idealist axioma. Antithesis : materialist axioma. Synthesis : indifferent equilibre.
The idealist axioma is based on the axioma that you keep on functioning OUTSIDE the body, related to the energy you left behind before you died. Everyone evoluates in the direction of his dead, a moment when one becomes an unbodylike energy that will become part of the further evolution of the ones you leave behind…or evoluates more or less independently according to ones merits. My materialist eureka is based on the fact that spiritual life can only exist within a biological ‘house’ and is genetically bound by means of family and further on….a statement that not necessarely means accepting the fact of interrelations between the material and spiritual world. Iisn’t our earthly soul something in between the idealist and materialist vision , an embryo for the spiritual dimmension ?
That’s why next to the material and idealist axioma’s I also put forward the synthese : an axioma of
‘indifferent equlibre’ stating that once the biological life comes to an end we return to the consciousness of the elements that made us : minneral, water, air, light…hidden in the anti-matter of them…maybe enjoyable as well,but unconscient ? So just by beeiing air and light an minnerals…they join the living in an indifferent way…feeding the living ones, taking biologically part in their existence…and by their indifference, maybe have an influence after all.
Rationality and his wife Logica is the most important tool in this material world.
When you are in a period when you can really use the EXI..MENU tool, you will notice that everything you need is been given to you , in order to be able to do it…in the slightest detail you then can observe this in what’s happening. After such a period (exemple writing, …)you do not stop evoluating and sometimes you will need new experiences- not necessarily on your main that will be more difficult to you, but with faith the exi.Menu -line and moments will come back again. Using the word FAITH, I realise that I forgot another strong tool and energyform to put in this list.FAITH
Are the result of the battle between + and – emotions : beiing happy, sympathic, glad, liking someone, loving someone (and all the opposite possibilities)
FEE- ” neg.
Sometimes mostly in the morning you get a picture (a kind of dream-image) that does not seem to relate with something or someone…but at the same time you know through your inner-voice(a kind of stronger dimmension than your intuitivity) that object or person will occur to you that day. A very strong exemple you find page 93(the statue)
FFIM have as a characteristic that they are related with following your roots, your EXI.MENU. These kind of clear exemples not often show temselves. Trying to separate thought from innervoice in doiing this
One can put the folowing axioma hereby « The fivpot is connected with the existential menu »also. Ones first impression of someone is very important…a lot of things can happen in between and viewpoints can evoluate…but in the end you understand the role of someone in your life. Sometimes you start doubting the meaning of your first impression. If it’s a negative impression it maybe wasn’t that persons own fault ? Some first impressions even are accompanied a picture with some symbolism which takes many years or a lifetime to understand. If you become very good in this item, one day you can help judge others, once you become a spirit with a lot of earthly merits.
FOFE FORFEELING (kind of inner voice)
You know for sure something nice or not is gooing to happen…usally something that will make a big change in the lives of others and eventually or logically, your own life…
Or it can just be something funny that will happen. That’s a good description, it’s like something funny just happened.
FOFEI FORFEELING IMAGE(same as fofe, by means of image)
FTG FEELING TO GOOD (related with EXM) On such moments you are tempted to do some free-wil action to help someone… . Afterwards it sometimes seemed not be be your own decision alone.
In times when rational decission making is needed. In moments when you make decission : if you not orientate on your own strength and if you are to compassionate with the ones who should rely on their own strength to be happy…you often take the wrong decisions.
FORG… FORGOTTEN…Inner Voice, Image, Intuition, Thaught, Words, Instinkt, Happening, Dream, Timing, Handwriting(change)what is needed comes back : (should be a very interesting axioma to examine in relation with spirit).
FWAH Free -will actions help
One cannot push others to do something if there is no inner change within them
HART : one cannot do something one dislikes when it comes from the hart(+ -)
HUMOR maybe the lightest material, the closest to the spiritual dimmension, maybe not
FORW FORWARDING(reason fantasises with situations, plans…)can the inner voice fantazise also with future ?
The practical automatisms that make biological life possible, biological material itself.
We not only suffer for reasons that we provoked ourselves, but also whe are have to deal with our genetical heritage. Exem. you can get cancer because of what happened before you were born, because of malfunctionment, or by environmental reasons, or by weakening yourselfs in many ways maybe also.
The politics, the consciousness that makes the G move. The spirit behind the G-matter.
GW GETTING W. (or WO) insiders(relat.exm ?)
Occuring facts ; often on the wright moment (or is every moment wright taking into account that everything and everyone finds itself on a certain point of his or hers or it’s evolution ?)
Often it seems that spiritual or pshygological(soul-related) powers hide behind, or are the force behind what happens…as if they want to express something
The relation between spirit and soul is often very efident, as far as viruses (or fractures…)are not concerned (not in all cases)
Is this the deserved communication from spiritual world ? If there is communication and there is, because everything is one world then maybe just asking strength generates the energy necessary for seeiing new possibilities to solve something… or just feel good.
The info you should be getting from the outside-world or the one you hide away from in yourself
Everything concerning physics, chemics, biology, pshygology,economics, politics, sociology, spirituality
KTO KLICKING TO OLD(descending evolutionary ladder)
when one should abandon old points of view, or transform them into new
By means of humor, funny observations, getting fysical (working in garden…)making love, swimming, showering, those good toilet-visits…
Very special intuitiv way of analysing things, events, feelings, evolutions…best in nature, because nature pulls your energy up again…maybe this is the border with the spiritual world…to be compared with inner peace, but goes together with images, explanations…(related to ABT-analysing back in time, but this is much more with thought)
LOM FY ” (mechanical)
LOM PRE ” (prescence)
LOMFA ” (fantasy)
LOMINS ” (instinktivly)
LOM- ” (wasted)
See my many texts (essays and litterature on this tool, used for people to grow, but they not always realise it on their way of discovering the real meaning of earthly and heavenly love. They often get stuck in combats.
Crash of almost every tool. Patiently wait till it’s over. Often best is doiing nothing to remain calm. Wondering from where this LS comes will not help you. Accept and let it pass, your faith will get you further through the mist. Maybe thinking of snow on a high mountain or the air seen from a plane can help you. Discover yourself.
IHA interaction in what happens
For insiders, because danger of confusion and in worser case : lonetic syndrome
During a discussion some people thinking not by coincidence the same thing.
INT INTUITION(intuition is not inner voice,intuition is highest dimmension of soul near the spiritual border)when there is no negative emotion or feeling involved, intuition is not of a negative kind…only an opinion to guide you, or something to make you light, just like humor does
somethimes at the same moment, somethimes few minutes, hours later or next morning, sometimes days, months years later your views can change when you get new meanings about the symbolism of some events or persons.

IV+ INNER VOICE,higher energy then intuition (from over the border of classical matter, anti-matter ?)
When there is no negative intuition involved, inner voices are never negative (+ an – is not used in a moral way in these explanations , but as energy-related conditions and force of circumstances. The degrees of Innervoice follow the same scheme as I explained in EUREKA (the stronger, the more independent from classical matter)
IV- ”
IVeq inner voice : indifferent equalism
Is the main condition for beiing able to start having a spiritual vision
N observing nature
Arise mostly in interesting psychological conflikt-situations. Learn to listen and put yourself above negative emotions.
NI Novel Idea
P PRACTICAL(exem.garage visit)
PIA Producing Intuitive Analyses( al.
See letting it all pass(liap) , but more spiritual analyses then intuitive ones…or are these kind of analyses only possible when you are completely a spirit ?
First impressions you get from seeiing a picture
Like the weather moods change according to laws , events also can
PSOEC political, social, econo.facts
PR special ways of ‘p(r)aying

By using all tools correctly, spontaneously, when you feel good. It’s our task to feel good
QU ” (from others)
QUE + questions asked at other beiings
QUE – inner questions
QUE+- questions asked at higher level
R relations
RCOP recognising possibilities
SESY SENTENCE (symbolism)
SR sense of reality
SFoA STARTING FROM o analysing
What is to soon for somebody to know…because of unmaturity, or beiing able to bear
EBA EARTHLY BOUND ACTIVITY ( when to much use of intelect…do something with your hands)
TRAMAT transaction living matter
Insiders (see texts ‘doodongewoon’, ‘bijzondere energiën,… colors, special energies of exclusive kind)
TSR Time and Space Relativity
Relativity, synchronism (exemple : computerschemes)
TTEST TELEPATHY TEST(exem.being looked at)
Mainly fys., stronger between differ.+-
THEOR theory (confront cfr with word theus)
WOEN WORDENERGY sounds also(exbyLM)
Collective consciousness
Individual Conciousness

oc combination

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so there was life after dead !

particular energy
A few sentences are in Book Antiqua style and date from 9/1O/2010 or have been later introduced or reworked. Original text I wrote in 2003

So there really was life after death.
About ten, twelve years ago I wrote the following senses: ” Peace will come in the heart of the ones with honest souls. Prevent the world from destruction and lead people to better lives. Never forget that the world is indivisible. There is but one life and one world, takes your responsibility and live as intense as possible. Be wise and light to be a guide. Go to the people and speak of joys to be. Your place is where you will feel free. Explain them the difference between the material world and the spiritual matter. Truth is simple. Truth hides in the past, lives in the present and needs the future. Why does one find so little joy between many people? People do not wonder enough about who they are and what means and what the lives they lead mean. They should be more philosopher than materialist, they should ask themselves why they live in a world of wealth and poverty, war and peace, stress on the work and unemployment. But there are other reasons for the lack of joy… reasons about which one cannot yet write and reasons about which nobody can write.”
By means of this short story, I’ll try to show what ‘dead’ in fact means.
there was life after dead !

introduction : through the past in a few lines
Nothing is more ‘real’ then living life itself, how real art as well can be.
We all, we are characters in a real novel that has been going on since ages.
Persons create persons and then vanish again.
Since thousands of years we try to put our experiences in to signs.
The more you understand about it, the harder sometimes to put it down in words.
The good man does, continues to live after him
The evil also. Positive and negative interact in completion.
The sense of it all, in every way a powerful, meaningful something.
One can only observe and react, starting from an indifferent equilibrium
Science can give us a logical explanation about life.
A trained observer experiences more ten the logic of things
Objective sciences mostly only have an eye for their field.
Philosophy, Psychology and history must unify the other logic.

Einstein put together the achieved and unveiled a new point of view.
Time, space and matter became more relative then we thought.
Religion tried to make us believe in Gods and God.
Knowledge and truth still were far away from proving a new kind of unity.
Marxists tried to understand the laws of history.
Conservative establishment was against the sense of life socialism discovered.
But nobody could control the subjective factor.
Freud and others tried to show the role of the unconscious.
But they did not discover the deeper meaning of life.
We all, could be more people looking for the meaning of life.
A meaning that surpasses life and dead.
But we are caught in a lot of kinds of habits and ‘pain’.
Life itself is a source of inspiration for everything I wrote about in every literary form.
I can stop writing and let it go by me till I understand the meaning of it better within a few years…or I can try to make a rapport of it every day. I taught about the structure of my day and had a look at my work and the things I studied, the documentaries I kept on video, some newspaper-articles which I kept because I thought they had a lasting value. To make this understandable for readers, I first had to bring them a number of philosophical life-attitudes. How to start this ? Those attitudes were partly the result of a critical study of the existing attitudes and partly the result of my own practical experiences midst all kinds of persons which are to be found in every one’s life.
We’ve all got them : family, lovers, friends, social and political persons,… .
With all that ‘brainstorming’ going on in my head, I was afraid of ‘boiling over’ and remaining on my chair till inspiration came, looked like dangerously reaching a unallowable border. I went outside to sit on a chair and stumbled back inn. Symbolically I closed the door. Something cracked inside me.
I closed my eyes for the last time here on earth. An unexpected goodbye, where I had thought a lot about. A few things I had imagined, became true. The experience itself was a quite different, something comparable whit what I had experienced during the burning to ashes of an old colleague of mine. There was this kind of magnetism that started in my feet and got upwards, like it seemed to be coming from the ground. When it reached my hart, I taught ‘oh’, ‘something is wrong with me’. But no, the magnetism accelerated it ‘ s speed and once in my head, it became a kind of more-dimensional triangle, pyramid kind of ‘light dimension’ which, like a starship in science-fiction vanished into space. This form of yellow kind of light, did it disappear into the spaces of micro cosmos or the ones of macro cosmos ? Or was there an indifferent equilibrium in between ?
Probably I was in the anti-matter that every matter has, in the microcosmical world …but that world is everywhere, even in the macro-world. Was I in somebody or in the spiritual world as a unity ? So I did solve a part of the mystery ‘god is everywhere’. I happened to be in the antimatter of all the elements that once composed me, radiation as well as minerals, gasses and so on.
In any case, there was life after dead.
During my life, I had three different options about dead. We surely fell back into the elements from which we were composed; energies like minerals, water, air, light and waves with each their own kind of consciousness. Since we were connected genetically with the rest of the biological world…we were not dead in that sense. As a third option I already suspected that all ones usable experiences in life, which had started with the genetic three …before one’ s life; after dead could be used as an energy working in two directions. That energy, like the electrons it was made of, is not destroyable; it can only change in form…and that is what happens to us before and during and after our life.
I experienced my ‘dead’ as being reborn in another dimension, in the awareness that ‘I’ and ‘we’ had already lived for ever…far before the existing of the first atom and the first cell…as a kind of physical energy with a ‘soul’, a bit if like the center of something ‘good’, like an artist trying always to express himself, wanting to become atom and cell and so on; while the entire process creates structure and cooperation in the different elements. And even if the total of matter should disappear, it would emerge in another point. That other point, that is the same, is the point with in the cycle of the 8-form. Like in DNA and the hart as center of the blood circulation. Like a star as the center of a part of macro matter and an atom as the center of micro matter a bit as well.
The feeling I had, was like watching the light that from the evening colors passes into the dark of the night and in a number of light gradations is being born again in the morning.
Just as like when you are living, when you do not know if there is life after dead, when you are dead , you do not know if you still have a body or not. This is strange, very strange…from one ‘mystery’ you in fact dive into another.
My individuality began a long journey alongside our collective and individual past to the point of my dead, where individuality again seemed to vanish in collectivity and yet it had a separated existence at the same time. It all happened rather fast, but on earth I would have needed many pages to describe. The voyage I was on, went from atom to cell and the building up of our existing society, it was like turning the pages of an educational book, but in a more clever than a digital way even. The more clear the message and contents from the journey were, the more effort the voyager had spent in his life, to understand the meaning of life.
The spiritual world was like a kind of internet-community, composed of the different kinds of tempers of everyone who had existed so far. Every life was a kind of ‘home-page’ in fact…with branches to all the ones in the human story they had known. ‘Had known’ or ‘knew’…it was not yet clear to me. It seemed that the better it became to live on earth, the more beautiful the symbolism between the ones that already past away (the past away’ s) and the still living in a classical way became. Was this what moved the interaction between the two worlds ?
As soon as I reached a certain point NOW on my and our earthly past, the new laws of my new form of existence, became clear to me. They not only made my speechless, I also could not ‘speak’ any more, when I got aware in which manner I could only express myself at the biologically living persons.
There also was the awareness that they could use my energy and I theirs…but only in a symbolical, intuition manner through thinking and dreams and images and things that happened…a kind of ‘inspiration’ in fact.
I did not only have a ‘voice’ any more, I also did not ‘see’ any more…because I myself had become a part of light and air and all the other elements I was composed of…without knowing exactly what…like one cannot see one’s own inside organs and like one can only see oneself in a mirror. We only can feel the intensity of who we are. Still I was able to think by means of images and thoughts, like one can see images in his head in a biological body…al dough some scientists say that they aren’t there. Stronger than before I felt the good person I had always been.
Another thing that became clear to me, was that I did not knew if I could still ‘hear’, because like something that was said…I could remember hearing voices and sometimes I wondered if a voice wasn’t a taught.
With ‘being dead’ the ‘emphasis’ was being put more on ‘feeling’, even ‘thought’ was a feeling. Trying to feel with who in life you really were connected with. Not literally ‘feeling’, but ‘touching each other in the spirit’, not in the ‘mind’(like in the soul) on earth…but it still seemed much like the positive feelings parents and friends can have for each other. It became clear to me, that during one’s life on earth all the consciousness and deeds one collects; all that positive and negative energy that interacts…at the same time on the ‘other side’ is being put together like a puzzle. The final ‘result’ gives you the amount of ‘inner knowledge’ you have reached when you die. Once when we no longer are biological, we can feel the intensity of who we are.

Ones earthly ‘soul’, based on positive and negative emotions, who commands ones earthly life; sometimes let’s go some pieces of ‘spiritual information’, we the ‘past away’ s’ , need…in order to be able to pass on our information. One’s final dead is the unified picture of your life, offered to you. From the moment you understand this at the other side, you get a kind of spiritual orgasm that enables you to realize that you are not alone at the other side…and that one can communicate as well with other spirits over there.
Just like on earth one needs other people to be oneself. On earth sometimes some people are aware of these things, but those moments seem to disappear because the amount of events that come and go. On the ‘other side’ there also are times when one can isolate oneself…that often are moments when one is the most in unity with everyone and everything. Not always nevertheless.
Just like a child that is born all of the sudden is surrounded met beings with which it has another kind of intensity in contact…no longer the strange noises from in the belly. People who believe in classical reincarnation would say that this is the bridge from one live to another, even if they believe that the soul only enters the body with birth.(Sunday 24 april2011 Eastern, most hot day in 60 years in Belgium).
On very clear moments in one’s life one can realize these things, but due to the fact of the never stopping flow of events, one is not always conscious of this process.
Like on earth, life after dead is not always ‘romantic’…because the process of consciousness that started with the voyage from atom to cell, organism, animal, men and society…that process continues after dead. It depends on your merits whether you are armed to be able to continue that awareness-project. Your ‘hierarchy’ as well depends from your merits…and this has not much to do with the diplomas you got, neither with the kind of work you did? You ,’biological living ones’ should be amazed about some people you taught you knew and who they are over here. But later more about that. If I get permission to say something about it, I will, but I have a feeling I won’t.
To be able to explain all this I have to get back to my puzzle of life

There was a reason why I had lived and still was living
I ‘watched’ the places in the world that I had abandoned and ‘saw’ de growth of the harvests on the fields near the roads I had lived and traveled. I saw the cars on the roads and the smoke coming from factories and some houses. I saw the animals, but he people, I did not see. Maybe I was in the people and that is why I could not see them anymore.
Very strange in the beginning. My friends only lived in my memories…I only could see them in my memories, which was a way of better understanding how they felt…even on a present stage basis.
But how they felt did not preoccupy me at the moment, I needed my energy to concentrate on a text of a novel or essay I wanted to complete. I had called the introduction ‘my inspiration maps’.
I saw the text lying on my desk, but how could I finish this book ?
Maybe there somewhere was a writer with still a biological life to lead, who read one of my former works and did not have any inspiration of from himself at the moment. During my life I had called into existence enough energy to allow me at this moment to be ‘connected’ with a living soul mate.
I would finish my book, through him. Sometimes he would be aware of my special kind of presence without knowing. Sometimes we were aware of each other, when he walked amongst the threes in the wood and taught about something he read about me. I always wanted to plant a wood myself and there was this writer who lived in a wood near water and entered his chalet, took the newspaper and cut out my photo and an article on my life. It gave me new energy to continue writing. A lot of writers were still continuing something amongst ‘us’ and ‘them’. Sometimes there seemed to be no difference amongst ‘them’ and ‘we’. Al dough we did not see ‘them’ busy with something…we felt what was going on in their world. Like the living sometimes were busy with the question what would happen after their dead, we, ‘past away’ s’ were busy wondering what our next life in the ‘after afterworld’ would be like. Our form of energy in the afterworld wasn’t eternal either and one day would change it ’s form as well. In a way we had we had bettered ourselves because we mainly communicated with spirits from the afterworld that used to have the same interests as we. It was very special how each of us tried to do this in his own way.
Those who as farmers had been concerned about agriculture, received energy from those who had liked doing this on earth. Communication between both sides worked as a system of connected fluids in different spaces. The negativism of a minority of farmers or landowners on earth often prevented the flowing of communication between farmers that had died and those still active on earth. Sometimes the representatives of the farmers in the afterworld came looking for advice with spirits that often had to deal with the same problems when they worked as farmers for example.
Then there was a communication amongst them and only the fact of this ‘exchange’ itself made it possible to generate some actions below that would improve something or that made farmers below aware. But sometimes it looked like a never ending struggle in each domain.
In the afterworld, the ones who caused those problems in the past suffered until some improvement was made.
So my friend the medium-writer had to tell people below to watch out and think about the suffering of their relatives in an heaven, that wasn’t always ‘heaven’ to them. Their relatives or people responsible for some misery of others should have to do something about it…before they end in the same position. If they act know, the ones who are at the origin of blockades between this world and the next shall free themselves here and in the next stage of life. In the afterworld the painfull part of the existence of ordinary working people is more quickly healed then of those who were responsible for big decisions. People who had mainly good intentions adapt very easily in what the afterworld has to offer. People who produced many good waves and did many good things to help others …still can feel how they are doing…without suffering and without being able to help them, when they aren’t conscious enough to ask it.
Those wise ‘afterworld’-men only can give some inspiration and advice, but the ‘receiving parts’ of the biologically living people have to be functioning…and they don’t when they are not in an emotional balance. Someone with too much negative emotions is a real problem for both the one below who is partly responsible for those emotions as for the one on earth. In many cases, help must come from other identities. Both groups have an important tool to help one another : the free will to act. This free will is a total product of all the situations where it was used and can for reasons, difficult to track down here on earth, be temporally blocked for both groups or their individual components. There for it is sometimes better not to act or stay in a position of indifferent balance.

The afterworld in which we function, only can make us philosophe about our ‘after afterworld’ because from time to time some ‘spirits’ disappear here, like on earth, some ‘souls’ disappear.
We use the term ‘after spirits’ here. We are trying to find the way to get in contact with them. Like on earth we still are in a kind of phase in between. Such a phase, like on earth you can divide in a number of stages of progressing or backsliding consciousness. Once more, what was already clear to me on earth became more clear to me in the afterworld. Everything is one and connected, but there are a number of phases. Like from silence seven sounds are born, with whom one can compose music, like from white all other colors are born. Like thought, feeling and inspiration can produce at least seven expressions of literature…from shouting to poetry…..Like one can touch someone’s skin in several ways as well. It was rather strange that some of us missed those last feelings and others didn’t. Why ? Again a question for us to solve. Did ‘time’ only continued to exist for those not feeling well because of existing ? Could we provoke the urge for a new genetic consciousness among the classical living ones ? “Did the classical ling beings then feel the urge to make new life, new individuals to come and continue the unfinished stories of the living and in a way of the dead ? Was this possible ? (24/4/2011)”
The search for a ‘why’ and ‘how’ was a never ending story it seemed.
Looking out for a new stage of existing in our development was a new kind of enigma, riddle to us.
I , unlike others, did not believe that we were going to reincarnate in another earthly body after disappearing out of the afterlife. I believed more in spiritual growth and trying to show the ones on earth, our genetic three, we partly left behind; that they had to help themselves to be get conscious happy and make a better world…in order to have a better life as well in the afterworld and help us at the same time by doing so. Octo

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C.O.N.S.C.I.E.N.S.C.E.presents it’s referendum program (in English-French-Dutch)

C.O.N.S.C.I.E.N.C.E. , the Committee for New Simultaneous International Elections ,Necessary to Create more Equality
A COLLECTIVE ALTERNATIVE ____________________________________________________
SUPPOSE ‘MONEY’ WOULD only BE SOMETHING TO HELP US COUNT INSTEAD OF SPECULATE, then some paintings wouldn’t be as expensive as building houses and feeding
thousands of poor people.
SUPPOSE TEACHERS WORLDWIDE DON’T teach more than ten pupils each class and carbuilders would refuse to much flexibility.
Suppose THAT ALL MATERIALS, GROUNDS, GOODS and services HAVE A GLOBAL STANDARDISED PRICE expressed in one single worldcurrency.
(except really sick people)
FOOd / HOUsing / WORk / SECurity/ HEAlth/ EDUcation/ ENErgy/ PROduction / DIStribution/
TRAnsport / ENVironment/ MONey/ TELecommunication/ SOCiety / RELations/
, before we get it) , a system that would make public transport and the highways of
telecommunication accessible for everyone , a system that if there already only was more social maturity, could be used in other areas too ( goods or certain services) .
SUPPOSE THE QUALITY OF LIFE BECAME MORE IMPORTANT THEN A LOT OF BUREAUCRATIC AND COMMERCIAL STUPIDITY…suppose we all learned to become aware of our real consciousness that looks to enrichen itself by means of our collective and individual history.
Let us first give some motivation for each of the projects and let us add a first list of our demands on each project before we compose some standard files or start constructing the election file on our demands so far as the program itself is concerned.
________C.ON.S.I.E.N.C.E. _________________________
PRODUCERS CONSUMERS COLLECTIVIZE INTERNATIONALIZE TELEMATISIZE_:::::each person and company or institution…will administratively belong to one of the fifteen projects. ::::::each consumer has his place (number)in one of the projects and their sectors…. _____________________________________________________
° SAME WORK SAME PAY ° LESS DIFFERENCE IN PAY ( 1/2 maximum difference)
° …
project t e l e m a t i c s
MANAGMENT SHOULD USE THE SAME TUMS-system…to know about how many people ? where ?
Who ? what ? how much ? when ?…
IN ORDER TO DO SO COMPANIES DEALING WITH HARD& SOFTWARE SHOULD UNITE TO CONSTRUCT ONE standardizedTUMS-plan, in stead of purchasing silly competition games.
project t r a n s p o r t
____DEMANDS : ° FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT mainly in the cities (payed by small equal contrib.)
project s e c u r i t y
WITH NATURE-DISASTERS, BUILDING DIKES,,. helping fire -departement…
project p r o d u c t i o n
TRANSPORT…for each single product or raw material
°NO MORE WASTE-ECONOMY :replacing and saving paper, wood…
project d i s t r i b u t i o n
—–MOTIVATION : different prices kill jobs alsO
project h o u s i n g
HOUSES TO BE BUILD/ …in order to be able to do so once again all kinds of firms dealing with housing
, renting, building…should be obliged to join their information if they don’t discover the benefits earlier.
°STOP SPECULATION …why not a law that says that if you own more then one house you are obliged to sell it, in stead of renting it…why not then consider the rent as a pay of on long term ?
°MORE NATURE IN THE CITIES (for example farms for children…)
project h e a l t h
°More natural forms of healing, less anti-biotics…
°One equal anual contribution to pay for health-service (no more bureaucracy of ‘getting your
money back’)
°Birth Control Program
project f o o d
(why not organised by the farmers and the tool-making industry here ?)
project e n v i r o n m e n t
°also look for measures in other projects (transport…)
°hundreds of other measures
project e d u c a t i o n

°LESS PUPILS IN THE CLASSES (not more then ten is a good start)
°LINKS BETWEEN THE PROJECTS WORK (human resources firms or human
resources parts of compagnies ) and THE PROJECT EDUCATION
and links also to the educational projects ( exams, …) in other projects
EDUCATION (why not separate nets for each kind of film, for documentaries…)
Project e n e r g y
project m o n e y
_DEMANDS : °see PEOPLE’s DATA(suppose…)
Project s o c i e t y (political managment)
MOTIVATION : WILL THE ‘LAST ONES’ BE THE FIRST ONES IN HISTORY ? THE WORLD WAS ALWAYS RULED BY THE ONES WHO HELD THE ECONOMICAL POWER… IT WERE ALWAYS THE POWER-ATTEMPTS OF THE LAWER CLASSES THAT PUSHED history IN NEW DIRECTIONS : the ones who owned the land, the money, the means of production decided and still decide most of the time. DECISSIONS ON WHO HAS THE RIGHT TO HAVE A JOB OR ABOUT HUNGER AND WARSPENDING AND ENVIRONMENT SHOULDN’ T BE TAKEN IN FUNCTION OF SPECULATION. TO MANNY PARTYMEMBERS OBEY THE money -minded SPECULATORS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THEIR PARTY. UNION MEN MAINLY FIGHT FOR PARTIAL PROBLEMS AND AREN’ T encouraged TO LOOK FOR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS AND ACTION…if they start doing so they are mostly thrown out anyway . Only somethimes people really show that they aren’t afraid of change. Only some small groups try to organise those uprises…but they do not a collective alternative to manage society in an other way . Even if they have the same ideology, they stay divided because each group understands the historical background and future developments or the role from this or that group in society otherwise. IF THIS INTRESTS YOU …LET US KNOW.
WORLD -WIDE REFERENDUM ON THIS, starting behind our pc’s, in our pubs , reunions, companies…
Candidates for the local managment functions could present themselves on the lists of the projects, not on the list of the parties , except the list of the project ‘society’, where one still would be able to vote for the ones having to manage jurisdiction, adminstration of the population, notarial things (since politicians mainly are lawyers they would find themselves at home.
The local counsels should be attended by the controling committees from neighbourhood or compagnie.
But before we can have all this we must simply start with discussion- groups.
New ways of protesting will emerge and are emerging.
Project r e l a t i o n s
THOSE OBJECTIVE RELATIONSHIPS EVOLUATE IN A COLLECTIVE WAY JUST LIKE EACH HUMAN BEIING CAN EVOLUATE IN A PERSONAL WAY OF DEALING WITH THE SUBJECTIVE THINGS IN LIFE : AM I A NIHILISTE OR SOMEBODY WHO LIKES PHILOSOPHY , SCIENCE…, am I emotionally strong enough to have a good influence on those who surround me, however contradictory this good influence at first sight may seem ?
Discovering why your life was and is and will be your life is much more interesting. ‘s a rather personal voyage to wisdom. ANYWAY SCIENCE ALREADY PROVED ELECTRONS HAVE AN ETERNAL EXISTENCE…and because everything exists of electrons we will return to the elements we came from : the ever recomposing elements to be found in the earth, wind, light and fire…maybe even in the anti-matter …who nows ? All the elements together formed our spirit, that’s for sure .
°LEARN TO ALWAYS KEEP ON WONDERING ABOUT THINGS AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU KEEP ON WONDERING ABOUT SOMEBODY YOU LOVE …everything and everybody can teach you how to make better choises…how to maintain your good vibrations better.
°LEARN TO BE AND TALK HONNEST, also in it’s sometimes strange ways

future modèle de gestion de société
On doit restructurer la politique. C.O.N.S.C.I.E.N.S.C.E., le COmité pour des Nouveaux Elections Simultanés Nécessaire pour créer plus d’Egalité…vous propose de voter son :
alternative collective
Supposez l’argent serait quelque chose pour nous aider à calculer au lieu de spéculer…alors certains peintures ne seraient pas si chèr que construire des maisons pour des centaines de gens.
Supposez que chaque Etat et compagnie sur une échelle mondiale payerait le même salaire pour le même travail, une quantité qui offrait d’une façon écologique la possibilité à avoir une vie humaine.
Supposez que les enseigneurs mondiale pouvaient avir des classes de seulement dix personnes.
Supposez que tous les matériaux et services avaient une prix unique, exprimé dans une monnaie mondial. Supposez que l’administration de chacun et chaque firme serait traité d’une même façon : chacun un numéro de téléphone, élargit avec trois lettres qui donnent connection avec chaque des 15 projets de la société : NOUriture/MAIson/TRAvail/SECurité/EDUcation/ENErgy/PROduction/DIStribution/TRAnsport/
Supposez que chaque service publique est payé par une contibution égale de tout le monde(pris une fois par mois de notre salaire avant qu’on le touche) Un tel système un accès presque gratuit aux transports et télécommunication. Ce système pouvait être élargit à d’autres secteurs(produits et autres services) pourvu il existerait une maturité sociale très large.
Supposez qu’on nous organiserait et qu’on mettait notre collective à un aprouvenment internationale, avant qu’on organiserait le second tour de ses nouveaux éléctions pour élire les dirigents local, provincial , continental et mondiale des différents projets.
Supposez que la qualité de la vie deviendrait plus important que beaucoup de bureaucratie et de stupidité commerciale.
Supposez que qu’ondevenait conscient du fait que l’histoire nous pousse vers l’organisation d’un meilleur monde sans chomage, pauvreté, guerre, pollution…
Pour chacun des projets on va donner d’abor un peu de motivation et après on va posser nos demandes. Il faudra aussi déveloper un ‘site’ pour voter sur l’internet.

C.ON.S.I.E.N.C.E presente : les 15 projets
project travail
-motivation : beaucoup de gens trouvent leur boulot ennuyante parce que la marché libre ne donne pas asseze du travail/avoir du travail n’est pas encore un droit/on peut pas façillement changer son travail, parce qu’il y en a pas assez/ Dans un économy standardisé, le compétivité ne sera pas basé sur l’exploitation puisque les conditions seront les même pour tous. Les Resources Humaines, les administrations personnels travaillent encore avec trop de différents statuts et réglements. Il faudrait les simplifier et standardiser.
project telecom
-motivatie : pour l’administration des projects les moyens technologique ne sont pas standardisés, l’internet est trop utilisés uniquement pour des raisons commerciales
-demandes : la création d’un Système Universel Telematique pour le Gestion des projects (TUMS)un système pour l’administration et organisation des projects. Pour coordiner et controler chaque gouvernemt et entreprise devait empoyer le même système.pour savoir qui veut quelle emploie et quoi et où, pour savoir le demande de tous les produits et services. La population pourrait mondiale suivre ces données. TUMS serait le project pour intégrer les 15 projects et le pour gerer le secteur telecom.
Une campagne d’alfabetisations devrait être organisée pour tout le monde.
project transport

-motovation :pour mettre fin à la polution, le transport publique doit devenir principale
-demandes : une petite taxe standardisé ferait le transport publique presque gratuit
project sécurité
-motivation : il y aurait moins de crime parce que tot le monde aura une emploie/ mettre un fin aux guerres
-demandes : abolition des guerres/ reconversion de l’industrie d’armement/les armées vont être utilisés pour aider en cas de désastres naturelles, grands tavaux publiques pour empecher ses désastres/
seulement la police a le droit de porter des armes
project production
-motivation : au lieu de colaborer, il ya de guerres entres les entreprises, les victimes en sont les chomeurs, les accidents de travails et les individus et familles avec trop de stress
-demandes : les gérants devraient utiliser le système TUMS pour rendre l’information de leur entreprises accesible pour tot le monde : stockage, prix, demandes de personnels… . Les producents devrraient se réunir par group de product. Des messures pour éviter le gaspilage et la pollution devraient être pris.
project distribution
-motivation : trop de spéculation
-demandes : même prix pour même produits ou service/ création des données télématique pour savoir ou se trouvent quels produits et lequel et le moyen de transports le plus éfficient
project maison
-motivation : des millions vivent dans des conditions inhumaines ou payent trop de loyer
-demandes : inventarisation des maisons nécessaires, à reparer, construire…/tarifs sociales, pas de spéculation
project nouriture
-motivation : le vieux système invente des lois pour détruire la nouriture pour des raisons spéculatives et promote parfois ne pas producer la nouriture
-demandes : de la nouriture pour tout le monde en unifiant tous les efforts d’agriculture sur une échelle mondiale/ tous ceux qui travaillent dans ce secteur doivent recevoir une salaire uniforme s’ils travaillent leur terrains bien
project milieu
-motivation : reduire la pollution
-demandes : pas de surconsumation/triage immondices/recyclage/transport publique/entretiens des parcs nature/lois pour protéger les annimaux/plus d’energie propre…
project enseignement
-motivation : ne pas épargner sur l’enseignement, les pays pauvres doivent avoir des conditions commes
dans les autres pays pour enseigner
-demandes : pas trop d’élèves dans une classe/plus d’attention aus sciences humaines : philosophie, histoire, psychologie…/plus d’échangement entre entreprises et l’enseignement/enseignement pour adultes aussi/enseignement doit aussi apprendre à interpreter les medias objectivement
project energie
-motivation : trop de gaspilage et pollution
-demandes : invester dans l’energie propre
project argent
-motivation : l’aspect spéculative a des conséquences désastreuse dans le monde
-demandes : uniquement utilisation administrative de l’argent/une monnaie mondiale avec la même valeur partout/les banques doivent s’unir

project gestion de la société
-motivation : les décisions sur qui a le droit de travailler ou guerre ou pas de guerre…sont toujours pris par l’élite politique. Les dirigents politique ne peuvent pas faire une politique qui va contre le program globale. Ceux qui prennent les décisions dans les parties politiques et les syndicats suivent toujours ce que les spéculants veulent . On tourne dans des petits rond au lieu de résoudre les problèmes sur d’une façon mondiale. Si on va suivre leur logique, cela voudrait dire qu’on dois tous aller travailler pour le salaire le plus bas du monde…leur capitalisme éfondrait vite alors. Ils existent des groupes qui veulent prendre une autre chemin, mais ils sont divisé sur l’interpétation de l’histoire et sur les tactiques à suivre et ils bordurent uniquement sur le bataille classique des syndicats : des bon salaires sans connection mondiale et alternative globale
-demandes : tous les demandes des autres projects/ organisation des éléctions alternatives sur internets ou pression des comités sur les gouvernements nationaux ou administrations communales ou syndicats/
propagande poutr un nouveau système d’éléctions internationale: d’abord pour une programme mondiale et après pour les dirigents. Pour neutraliser le boycot des grands speculateurs il y aura pas des nationalisations. Sur le project ‘gestion de la société’ on pourra elire les dirigents por la justice, pour l’administration de la population et le premier qui aura une fonction coordinative. Un jour les éléctions des dirigents de projects remplaceraient les élections classique et par project et province quelqu’n sera envoyé au gouvernement continentale. Le gouvernement continentale formerais le gouvernement mondiale. Principe de base pour organiser ces éléctions serait le nombre de habitants d’un province.
Les comités locale pourraient avoir des moyens de controle sur leurs communes et entreprises.
project relations
-motivation : on devrais apprendre à travailler sans la discipline qui impose le système ancien et on devait de plus près avoir un intérets pour les problèmes de le monde de nos jours
-demandes : accompagnement psychologique pour des problèmes subjectives entre les gens/
des medias objectives et indépendentes du capital spéculative
project santé
-motivation : de nos jours on utilise trop de médicaments, c’est mieux d’attaquer les sources des maladies comme la pollution, le stress, la culture commerciale, pas assez de contact avec la nature, tensions psycholgiques
-demandes : nouriture naturelle de bon qualité, établissement d’un infrastructure médicale dans les pays pauvres, des soins médicale pour tout le monde (petite contribution de tout le monde)
Plan d’action
Si la volonté et la nécessite pour discuter l’alternative collectiviste devient plus claire on peut commencer à inventer des actions. Organiser de la pression sur les mandataires politiques classique,
des arrêts de travails pour discuter l’alternative. Exiger du patronat qu’il paye les mêmes salaires dans les pays pauvres… . Des manifestations pour exiger des Nations Unis l’abolition des guerres et de la pauvreté en imposant les demandes de l’alternative collective. Tous les premiers des différents gouvernements doivent avoir un réunion pour aux moins interdire toute spéculation dans l’économie, même salaire pour le même travail, reconversion de l’industrie militaire, etc…

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some important notions about love

Some important notions about love
Above all, learn to feel the love inside yourself and learn who to give it to.
Examine the roads which philosophy and history walked in order to bring us more consciousness about every aspect of life. Love the arts. Take care of your body, do not overcharge it. Chair it with your chosen one. Do not let negative emotions enter your relationships with people. Chair and enjoy friendship and love…spice it with humor and don’t wish for the impossible, relativate…even in times of passion. If you do not choose for each other in time…it wasn’t meant to be at that episode in your life.
Trying to understand the laws of love isn’t always a question of using all that science has to offer us. We are not together just because we live in each others neighbourhood or because we met unther certain circumstances. We attract one another because we attract the difficulties that can take us further on the pad of understanding the meaning of life. Those who really don’t seem to have a long way to go in their personal growth somethimes seem to attract the hardest difficulties…which in itself is a very deep aspect of love.
Love uses us to teach us to make us aware of the differences between people.
Love uses us to further the story of those who came befor us, even befor we were born. One cannot write down a standardised theory on this because the more you get the picture, the harder it is to communicate about it.
Some people do not live together because they are to close together or because others need them more for their growth. In times of conflict between people, everyone seems to think they themselves are the only perfect human beiings.
Somethimes one must avoid difficult confrontations, other times they cannot but occur. Just like the big-bang-principle…’something unther pressure must explode’…we depend on that same old basic law…even in our relations.
Everything and everybody is always the result of the things that happened befor them. We react in respons to the environment and our genetical mixture as well. Even our family-ties are getting more and more mixed, which often isn’t a facilatation. It’s the outcome of different components. Somethimes things go wrong because of to much stress in this production and profit-based society or stress in ourselves. It wasn’t ideal in the old times where religion was more important then philosophy. Still we find it to difficult to support the idea that our man or women ‘has’ somebody else. Whether in bed, whether in a purely spiritual, platonic way…we do get yealous fast. The reasons why people get to get really close to each other often has very deep reasons, one cannot understand eaisily as a third person. Somethimes it is easy to understand when the motives are wrong : money-making is the worst reason possible. When the reasons for looking for another partner are sex or adventure…the outcome often goes in the wrong direction as personal hapiness on a long term is concerned. When it’s about making babies…you cannot stop it…the ones are ment to walk the earth shall. Falling in love and divorce…the reasons can go back generations. Life sends some of us on many pads to enjoy, to learn, to learn not to take revenche, to learn not to envy, dominate… . We look for company to learn about this life-game. In fact, what we are looking for is to discover how we can find peace in ourselves through others and ourselves. This proces goes further then the things that the physical part of love has to offer us. This proces not only has a theoretical aspect, we practice thes things every day.
When we find ourselves cut of of our husband, wife, children; whatever the different reasons, our future aspirations seem to be clouded. We start tryiing to become happy once again. In fact we want to return to the uncumplicated happiness of the past. Then we somethimes meet someone to help us forget our feeling of loneliness or guilt. When it does not work some of us can more easily let go and forgive and continue our own life once again. In every situation the other relations we have with all those surounding us, play their influencial part as well. When we ‘forget’ to choose for those who we really like we somethimes find ourselve cut of from our own energy. Then we stick around in our unsolved things in life and nothing really positive opens up. When in a couple one of the two cannot let go of some negative feelings or circumstances, the other ones is forced to waste a lot of his or hers own energy…often for very little in return. The one with the most unsolved problems must then learn to accept his or hers life like it is. If both manage to cultivate a happy feeling about life and the personal circumstances…then only real progres and happiness open up. If someone is unther heavy fire of the negative emotions of others, that person must learn to obtain a kind of indifferent balance in interacting, otherswise one is doomed to unthergo the negative moods of the other.
With ‘indifferent balance’ is not meant one doesn’t care any more about the other.
It’s just away towards arriving in better times and not starting unnecessary arguments.
Once a third person enters the relationship one will notice that, however monogame one stays, one tends to begin feeling guilty about the wellbeiing of the original partner if one is not careful in observing ones own feelings and the real situation of the original couple. One must then learn to understand which stories of life click with which person. This can take a very long time and in the mean while often a lot of things happen with a lot of people, just to help us to understand what’s goiing on.
In order to understand the whole picture in such a proces we must understand the relationships of those who played important roles in our life and they themselves as humùan beiings…who are they really, what do they represent in our life…what is our symbolic meaning in the life of others ?
Two people who do not feel well together any more, start the proces of opening themselves towards others, whether friends or a lover. It seems as if people with the opposite characteristics attract each other in a first stage of life. They themselves and their children can learn from it or can be damaged by it.
Our psychological condition often seems to influence our biological fitness.
One has to start loving others by loving oneself, by grapping the joy inside of you, you can pass it to others. Loneliness can eat you. Joy will guide you on the long road of life and everywhere it takes us to understand the meanings of it.
Somethimes we will have to wait untill others become more skilled in managing their own positive evolution. They might even hurt us meanwhile… . Sometimes one has to be gratefull that one has to bare a lot, because it can contribute to understanding one’s own road…but somethimes enough is enough.
Stronger then ‘dead’ itself, is having collected so much wisdom in once life, that one becomes free of fear of ‘losing’…then one gets a very good feeling.
One can discover the one we really are when one realises the possibility of every time finding solutions to problems…as if one is guided by a strong force inside us.
One must always filter the enormous influence of everyone surrounding us.
Then, when one feels really good, the light can shine on the three in front of our house and one sees it painting it’s shadow through our window on the wall. One watches the three dancing on the wall…without a good feeling we neglect all this.
We are like marbles and our past plays a game with us. Which game ? That is what we will have to find out for ourselves and others. The degree of consciousness we reach, tries to shine on others. Some try to make us play a role in a film with a lower degree of consciousness then we were really ment for. We then must continue believing in our own way of living life. That’s what real faith is all about.
Our quality of observing life must grow. Learning how to balance between the energy of others. We must learn how to combine love, solidarity and other positive emotions in interacting with others. Life is like a piece of art played by different interacting artists, actors often played on the theme of ‘these, anti-these and synthese’.
A fragment always calls an anti-fragment into life. Like when we have children, none is the same, each correspondents to a certain evolution in our lifes.
We should try to wish what’s best for others. A lot of good evolutions can emerge from this. One cannot explain human behaviour only by basing oneself on the theory that we humans only interact, basing ourself on some of our selfisch genes.
When you meet people, try to really understand them befor you decide to put a great deal of effort in ‘helping’ them…especially if they don’t take some important steps for themselves vy themselves. If you want to have a long life, chose a partner that does not suit you…minutes will pass like hours then.
The earth…concentration-camp or garden of Eden ? When you look above all dimmensions of life, you will learn to observe it’s laws, it’ s humour and drama.

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lessons from history (texts resulting in -referendum)

Why don’t we put forward our own program first ?
Why don’t we defend our own alternative in the enterprises we work ?
Why don’t we invite the jobless to join our reunions ?
Why don’t we develop our new strategy to put our demands in power ?

Can lessons from class-struggle become descisive ?
Words must be used correctly,otherwise you get unnecessary misunderstandings. For example ‘communism’ is a system that is based on the collective ownership of the means of production an distribution ,in function of the most simple administration and without a salary system or commodity-production(no prices,no pay), a system that replaces the conditions unther which we work unther capitalism ore state-capitalism. Such a system didn’t ever exist (or in a primitiv way maybe). Attempts to establish such a system have always been answered with arms or with technical and burocratic sabotage from groups who where afraid of losing their benefits. And what is ‘socialism’ then ? Is it a phase between capitalism and communism ? A certain degree of ‘nationalised’ economic property still based on salary and commodity production, with more serious prices for the goods?
What do they mean by improving ‘democracy’? Democracy means “the power of the people”. Unther ‘people’ you can understand as well the aristocracy(nobles), the bourgeoisie (the little group of enormously wealthy owners of big companies,banks… .) aswell as the ‘petit-bourgeoisie(owners of little firms, stateleaders, import.functions…)or even the small independants or the workers and farmers…if you understand this unther ‘people’ then maybe you think it’s normal that political power is divided between political parties and the very well paid parlement and coalition governements. That’s one way of putting it…but how about social and economical equality ?
Residents are not ‘citizens’ . ‘Citizens’ replaced the ruling aristocracies, thanks to the hunger-uprisings of the poor, who were not organised politically yet. If you understand with ‘people’, the ones having to sell their labour or the small independents struggling with monopoly-capitalism, then you are a proletarian and capitalism made you the strongest, (that is only in numbers) Who has the majority can rule. Why is there then so much social misery, war, exploitation ? Do collectivist want this then…or can we do without the devastating way capitalism tries to be progressif in ?
Why is capitalism socially a demoded system ?
What is the difference between ‘bourgeois’ and ‘collectivist’ democracy ? How should the last one be organised ?
Is it still a usefull tactic for collectivists to participate in elections ? Do the classical bourgeois parties represent the interests of the workers you think ? Aren’t fascism and bourgeois democracy just two complementary forms of ruling of the money-elite over the workers ? In which way also bourgeoisie can stay in power by using the analyses and programs of parties claiming to be workers-parties ? Can workers continue to struggle without a blueprint of their society in mind ? What do workers still understand from the lessons of the past and why are they trapped in the old bourgeois and proletarian way of thinking about history ?
How to do away with corporatism and develop solidarity
and how can a new proletarian culture replace the moneyguided circus our society is ? How to develop our consciousness about all this in dailly life ? Is working like slaves for anonymous shareholders estetically ,or hunger, or underdevelopment where the old system has no other answer to then war and further exploitation ?
Because words were and are so misused , let’s call us collectivists and not base us entirelly on one figure in proletarian history( for a collectivist alternative, read :
After reading this you will notice that a lot of arguments and discussions will lose their sense or get a solution :which ?: the ‘one’ ore the ‘more partysystem’/substitutionisme(the party rules in stead of the soviets)/entrisme(working as a little group, penetrating in other parties…to take over/ selfmanagment(within the capit.system/nationalisations/state-capitalism or not/alliances with national bourgeoisie or not/federalism-selfindependence/syndicalism/ particip.elec/…
By managing society unther non-capitalistic conditions the collectivist democracy can develop through the projects.
Collectivists who are in for this kind of revolution want to adress them to those getting tired of arguing about the mistakes of their great examples (this can be very interesting) but why is capitalism after so much time, still in power, still the ruling ideology ?
The history of working class looks like a war-saga, with different parties trying to take power, who succeed and then become attacked by capitalism or it’s collaborants in the very own proletarian circles. Most revolutionaries think that the alternative for power will emerge from the spontaneously to emerge councels, or from ‘democratic centralism’ in a proletarian vanguard-party. Realistically it cannot be otherwise or those traditionally wished ‘councels’ or central committees of the vanguard-parties will contain such differences in opinions and will be so infiltrated, that the mass of workers will not be able to orientate themselves : not anymore on the corporatistic demands of the State allied syndicats, not anymore on the left bourgeois-parties or not on those expecting miracles from the ‘democratic’ debate in the councils. Without alternative goals and a revolutionay workers-consciousness which stop ownership of the bigbusiness and the right to decide on financial issues as a non-worker, we will get no where, we will not no what to do.
Without managers and controlcommissions in the factories and companies, without local and internationally organised political dirigents and clear deals…we will obtain no control.
Almost all strikes and initiatives collaps without global alternativ. Revolutionaries these days put their hope on the collapse of capitalism, on a purely ‘asking for more money’ or less time to work, without seeing capitalisms real condition the last hundred years. Capitalism has tied workers in a hundred ways, why shouldn’t workers put forward their maximum demands ? We are the youngest class in history…can we take power while letting capitalism survive ?
When will ‘the last ones’ finally become ‘the first ones’?
Each group in proletarian history has had it’s benifits and mistakes that were bound to happen because of the circumstances of time and space, burocracy, privileges…
The utopist tried it on a small scale. Marx and Engels showed that living conditions and not so much great personalities make history and got in the clinch with peolple like Bakoenin who saw revolution rather more as an imediate coup, who could not be lead by a massparty, but by a group of maybe hundred revolutionaries, spreaded over Europe, infiltrating everywhere, to take over the’ autority'(hmm) from aswell the bourgeois organisations as the Internation Workers Association and put it in the hands of his Alliance.(he did not succeed) Seventeen years after the end of the Intern.Workers Assoc. The massparties that grew unther the rise of soc.democracy established the Social.Int (second 1889)
In 1914 when the great majority of german soc democ. aproved the funds to fight the war , communists left it to establish the third int.
The councels who for the first time in history emerged on the scene , got a second change in 1917. The bolsjevics helped to fight the councels theoretically and practically against the old parlementary and aristiocrat influences. After the revolution 14 foreign armies attacked the young Russian republic which had to be build again from practically zero.
In Germany after world war one ,a revolution which was ended by the military forces with the aid of soc.democrats ‘showing themselves as revolutionaries’ paved the way for the succes of a big noise with a little moustach . Despite the electoral succes of the KomPartei Deut, KAPD,…the skinny painter supported by the bourgeoisie would win, because he got the money to create a bit of jobs by means of state-capitalism (armsproduction, roads…)to gain support.
Few people understood that capitalism needed war to survive. In the mean while a Georgian fellow lead a big heavy industrialisation proces which helped to beat nazism.
He lead a party that was much based on burocracy and strategical deals with the fully capitalist countries and stopped the emancipational proces in the councels. Necessary from a military viewpoint or not in those days…to many wanted a more-party system for their own reasons, that’s for sure !?
Ownership became less private ,but the production relations did not alter (still salaries, commodities) so it was not really a system you could call ‘communist’…it was a social experiment unther terrible conditions; an economy of trying to survive, while the world got on fire once more. The experiment couldn’t concurate with the purely capitalist states who had accumulated money to start again once more thanks to war-benefits, and the urss degenerated in the direction of revisionism ( reconciliation of capitalists and reformists) As a consequence : the economy of a part of the east, became a hunting ground again for western capitalism.
Next time some viewpoints of different vanguard-parties, which illustrate all this.
As it comes to butchering working class, all States know how to divide the work between them . We saw it in Spain in the civil war, in Italy some years later… Very ‘honourable’? men like Churchill for example commanded the bombing of Dresden, a town with no strategical value…but filled with deserteurs and revol.workers at the time… and who ordered to drop some atomic bombs when Japan was already defeated?

In imperialist wars, workers SHOULD not choose the side of one of the fighting states, they make revolution in their own country, OR should not listen if they are told to disarm (like in Italy-strikes of 1943- where once again like in Spain, communists would join a ‘governement of national unity’ that obeyed the currents who saved capitalism)Were these results the maximum that was pooosible those days ?
They would next time better listen to the left part of those claiming to represent them…and who know that ‘Stalinists’ as well as ‘Trotsky’ as others made -‘mistakes’-(but was really possible unther those circumstances ?)
where they are trying to learn from.
Maybe collectivists can discover a way of avoiding civil war when they work out new tactics of preventing imperialist war … and changing society more peacefully.
Some other s u b j e c t i v e problems (not so organisational)
Promoting consciouness remains a difficult task in these days, but as Marx so geniously explained, the objectiv situation (econ.crisis)is on our side… the most difficult part remain the subjective living conditions that determine our ideological links with the ruling class. To this we can also add the emotional, and physchological living conditions or the bourgeois spirituals that claim a monopoly on ‘spiritual-live’…as if materialists do not have a vision on this…an eternal one…as eternal as the life of the electrons out of which everything that exists exists. The media then…another obstacle :can we find a way in which on a large scale we can promote the idea that we are beeing told a lot of lies and rubbish ?
Not all is against us dough. In my spare time I visited let’s say about 25000 political homepages on the net .
The left is far more better represented then the right.
Very easily (one recognises the crab from the titles of the pages) I found about a 1000 groups or individuals who took my attention and I mailed about 400 of them, getting some 200 mails or visits of the collectivist homepage back)
Let’s hope more and more young people or older, unemployed or not will start digging into their collectivist past and discover that they hold the key to the future of a better world. Let’s hope afterwards they start thinking about uniting to discuss what can be done. Let’s hope their numbers will have grown on the decisive moments. Let’s hope the old rulers won’t be able to let us go and fight the workers of other countries no more…in the mean time they manage to do this on an economical level…we even fight the workers on our own factory floor, …some of us are put in anger because they haven’t got jobs and others do…another easy victory for capitalism. Every fight against our family, friends or lover(s) is energy that cannot be used against our real exploiters… so find your inner calm and resolve your relation problems in a human way : try to become emotionaly strong, because we have a whole new kind of other world to win…a world in which we will be able to discover the neverending story of your consiousness that tries to enrichen itself before the ‘corpus’, this ‘germ’ dies and leaves its fruits… Start observing your world today with other eyes and find out how it works, intervene, come up for the rights of your class, don’t capitulate, find out when best to retreat, or which is a good tactic. Share your impressions. Educate yourselves and others. Think before you speak, when you get carried away by your blood.
Do not lose your sense of humour, it will help you to learn how to be patient…every process takes it’s own time, when you are ahead , you know this can sometimes be a handicap to you as well as a privilege.
Learn how to counter statements your fellowmen read or heard in the bourgeois controlled media.
Learn to talk in public. If you are afraid to act, those thaughts will grow and you will even be more afraid afterwards.
Overcome your inner barriers, discover the undiscovered part of yourself. Live is more than acting and thinking as robots.
Live was not meant to be lived as to much of us live it today.
If we do not improve certain situations things will get worse for us all. For those without seeing the problems : more States posess atombic bombs; each day unemployment and war dominate the news, increasing exploitation tries to save capitalism but problems are getting bigger. Please start thinking and acting.

Read also the folowing articles :OPAA : Octo’s Politcal Analyses & Alternatives ,(a musical cd ‘present stage of the world’ with lyrics from this texts and music by Frank Lano.was made, based on this text-8 songs)

OPAA : Octo’s Politcal Analyses & Alternatives

An ideology is a way to understand life and it’s different practical an theoretical meanings. Consciousness is born each time practical experiences ead to theoretical tinking and result in orientating and acting in an adapted way. Political history gives us much exemples of this. Sometimes only reforms are possible. Sometimes revolutionary reforms are beiing pushed by circumstances… a real revolution shall become possible when the global picture of circumstances is understood by a more interdisciplinary and worldwide orientated consciuosness. The same laws that guide history also can be found in our own emotional, pshychological and intelectual development and even in some relationships we encounter.
Consciousness is born out of matter, like theory is born out of practice.
If theories are not based on practice, we call them fantasies, which can be nice or dangerous or both. We call this ‘idealism’, it leads to confusion because it’s no longer ‘materialism’. Sometimes illusions are necessary to get back on the road of reality. Both in social as in personal life.
The theoretical way to understand life, is studying all the existing rational, objective sciences and combining them with the more subjective sciences and inject the result into practical life. The subjective sciencess depend on the objective ones because without ‘matter’ there can be no consciousness. At the same time the hierarchical weight of the subjective prevents the objective laws to impose them self on the general evolution of society and the human beiing…but this is always a temporary proces. An ideology is a way to understand both the history and present stage of the world and it’s consequences on global living conditions.
However great some existing differences in exploitation might be, capitalisitic ideology also tneds to evoluate in the direction of socialst ideology…because the foundation for a worldeconomy and the way to manage it by modern technical means, still increase…this shall be an advantage once proletarians shall reunite in an effective and revolutionary way. And they shall, because the capitalistic inner contradictions that
scientific socialism pointed out, still seem to remain unsolvable. But nobodyholds a cristal ball, so let’s not insult each other if we have different opions on the economical strength of capitalism.
Important to remember is that a decreasing economy leads to a weakening of the ideology of the ruling class…at least if the oppressed class is not beaten fysically or brought to poverty…or has to little class consciousness left. The first task of the most conscious human beiings with an orientation towards proletarian ideology, must be to understand these proceses of evolution. Ones they do, they must present a global and general program of managing society and experiencing life in a different way. Theoretical explanations should correspond with the practical conditions they try to explain…but they should try to always be one step ahead.
Feodal ideology, with the aristocracy as it’s ruling class, based it’s power on an unclear concept of ‘God’,(and not on the eternal forces of nature who produced and developed consciousness) and mainly on the ownership of land and consequently economical and military power.
While all kind of historical facts happened according to changing living conditions and while the bourgeois rulers of the capitalist system used the proletarian discontent to take power from the nobles, they started developing the means of production and the production forces. The world was (and still is) forged and forced together in a very unethical way : wars, famine, unemployment, eclogical disasters, exploitation).
Capitalist ideology based it’s power mainly on the private ownership of the means of production, on the production of commodities, trade and a wagesystem…while in theory the really socialsist thinkers of the last 150 years wanted to abolish these bourgeois-based things; in practice they had to be satisfied with all kind of economical, social ande political reforms that nowadays lead to a degree of wealth for only a limited number of workers. While in theory the socialist thinkers wanted communism, they saw State-Capitalism beiing established; while they wanted to abolish the State, they saw it beiing transformed in a continously strengthened apparatus in function of bourgeois ideology.
While they looked for unity amongst proletarians, they got divided on theoretical and practical or even personal bases. While reformism helped survive capitalism and the final technical revolution is now taking place and the world becomes more and more a global private company…it SEEMS bourgeois ideology overcame it’s inner contradictions.
Suppose the capitalist system manages to create one worldmarket and one company or a high standard of living for the whole planet, shall it tehn have overcome it’s contradictions ? No, because exploitation and surplusvalue shall continue to lead to overproduction. So why capitalism continues to dominate ? Because we continue to accept their ideology. Because our weaknes, capitalism can continue it’s often historical task in an often bloody way. They still have the economical and military power to do so.
While every different group of scientific socialists has it’s own calculations on the economical fitness of the current ruling system, no real alternative way of managing society is beiing put forward. While the bourgeois class and it’s managers and politicians continue to invent more organisation in function of keeping in power; the majority of social or political ‘workers’-organisations, limit themselves mainly to the small and limited economical battles. While the little ‘gains’ of this struggle within the borders of the system try to maintain the hughly different living standards of the different groups of modern proletarians…no organised group of workers not even claims an equal income for everybody in it’s program…and no group explains how a society without a wagesystem and commodity production can produce and distribute in a more or less equal way. Are we afaid to use our imagination ? Do we need the hierarchical discipline and structures of our current economical, social and political rulers ? Are we, the millions who lead the practical day to day live that state, company and family offer us, so brainwashed that we keep on walking in the mill that the bourgeois-media keeps turning for us ?
How can we learn to get more assertive in a proletarian way ?
By taking an intrest in phylosophy, politics, history… By studying our own concrete living conditions where we work and live. By realising that the emotional and pshychological problems we are all confronted with (whether in ourselves or in all our different kinds of relations), are beiing agravated by the current system of production. That’s where real ideology is all about, it’s really a kind of spiritual matter that has nothing to do with the classical ideology of ‘religion’ interpretated in a conservative way, but with combining and connecting all the different kinds of consciousness we came to mention in this text and others. Human beiings can get a ot of energy from beiing conscious about these kind of things…or it can make them sick, because they realise they cannot change the world on their own : ‘workers unite’.
As I explain in the text ‘a change in attitude’, there are a lot of problems facing our social and economical lives. I already explained a lot of political problems and put forward some solutions for those rather objective areas of life. If you want, I could compare these explanations and solutions once again with those of other individuals or groups or PARTies…but I’m not goiing to do this in this text. Every explanation or solution is PART of the way things evoluate in the course of the real future of mankind that is to be expected. Each view and alternative, whether based on an existing reformistic power or on the possible revolutionary challenges; reflects a certain degree of consciousness, based on material positions in society, as well as on the degree of subjective consciousness we’ve reached : for those who do not understand, I’m talking about less measurable things like solidarity, emotional, psychological …even spiritual consciousness.
Solidarity is the collective as well as individual emotion we need to do our share of the work or our collective, again individual capacity to react and organise in favour of groups of people unther threat of unemployment, war, famine, disaster… . We still are dominated by the kind of ideology that says we should think as individuals, reacting only on our individual intrests. That’s why unions still are so corporatistic and why big strikes for more general demands or manifestations against wars…still have so little impact. That’s why a lot of us need things like money and beiing exploited as a stimulans to make us do any work at all. That’s why absolute hierarchical organisation is still more effective then freely agreed and spontaneous arangements.

In the former century, the 1917-revolution, in what was the beginning of the former Sovjetunion, took the country from a backward capitalist and semi-feodal country on the road to a state-capitalistic economy. The different groups that were the main players leading the developments and changes that farmers and workers or other classes demanded, were already activ in other countries like Germany…(mainly social-democrats) and they would have splits, ends and regroupments upon till today. In the last years of tsarism one could find ones political inspiration in groups like the cades, the social-revolutionaries, the bolsjevics, anarchos… .
Today, some workersgroups claim that capitalism was already decadent at the beginning of the century. In a moral way this is indeed very true. But in an economical way; that is in relation to the technological progres to be made and the production forces that were to be developed, this is not an entirely deepened pointed of view. Since the military and bureaucratic State power proved to be stronger then the coureageous revolts and organisation of the workers, they did not get the opportunity to prove that they could organise and develop the economy as ‘disciplined’ as the bourgeois State and companies could. After each revolution (that was in fact a ‘revolt’), followed a counter-revolt…ending between the first and second worldwar in fascism…as a kind of SuperStatecapitalism. Were the minds already prepared to do away with the wagesystem and the production of commodities (commerce) in those days ?
Since the consciousnss of each social class traduces itself in different degrees of consciousness; there were a lot of different kinds of proletarian parties confronting established parties that were suposed to represent workers. Unity seemed to be and still is impossible on the basis of partydogma’s. No unified program to present the workers had any succes. It could not have been otherwise, because the result of some
evolutions on a certain point in time and place cannot be other then the product of the material and ideological conditions people life unther.
One cannot expect of people having to work 12 hours a day, and having little welfare, that they take an intrest in reading about revolution in an academic way. Nowerdays the bourgeois-system tries to poison our minds with the values of their ideological (often idiotical) way of life…so we would stay as atomised as they would like us to be and to prefend that we get conscious of the fact that in reality we merely are the tools they are using. The way we lead our lives is the way they want us to lead our lives. We are beiing kept conditioned for their aims.
Should we wait for their economy to collaps once more in an unbearable way or should we wait for the moment when the new magical mystery toy of globalism meets massive resistence…or for the moment when people get fed up of stressed working and living conditions…and rise in an organised wy against this all ? Should we wait untill some people do not cling as much to their luxery any more and become activ ?
We, the ones garding the theoretical history, think to much only in terms of whether one is a Leninist, Trotskist, Stalinist…or another ‘ist’ with a familyname befor it. How are we going to intervene in the proces of workers eventually wanting to take power ? Now that we have elaborated our theories and each variety of ideas exist, how are we gooing to regroup ? Points of view can be different and we must keep on writing good articels, but we should be very prudent.
One should be as realistic to aknowledge the fact that for exemple China today is a more modern State then it was in 1927, because the Chinese CP-policy, in spite of it’s numberous mistakes or alliances with the forces of the right at that time, contributed to that proces.
One should be able to say, without beiing insulted that some benefits ; acquired unther the former social experiments in the former USSR or the DDR, were better then the dailly live an increasingly part of their populations have now anno 2001 . Without beiing distrusted, one should be able to say that in times of war , the ‘revolutionary theory of defaitism’ (the war against each nation’s own establishment) was more easy to put into practice in the days of the Russian Tsarism then in fascist occupied Europe.
After all our studying and writing we should become able to put forward our own program to be voted on one day. Afterwards the ones to controle such a program could be apointed by international elections also…no elections where voters can vote on ‘parties’, but international elections on PROJECTS. We have already a lot of concrete propositions on this…maybe you have also. Why wait untill workers liberate themselves on their own and start leadin ‘councils’ ‘democratically’. Will then the majority be , as by a happy coincidence; the most ‘conscious’ part of the proletariat ? I’m afraid not. I’m not a supporter of certain ‘chaos-theories’. Intervening in the class-struggle theoretically is one thing, guiding it in a practical way is another…leading in periods of struggle will prove to be necessary… . But what will we then have to offer ?

Folowing a number of discussions going on on the internet and outside it, it seems to me a lot of controverse exists on the question of how a socialist project is to replace the system of exploitation and concurrency.
Every group and all the not-organised individuals have their own ideas on this subject and the way alternatives are to be implemented.
If such a system is to establish itself and wishes to survive, it cannot do without strictly defining the notion ‘proletarian hierarchy’.
According to me, proletarian dictatorship is not the rule of a party or the rule of the ‘democratic centralism’ of councils; or not a coalition between parties; but the coordinated action of the ‘highest EXECUTIVE council of the internationally organised ‘projects’ (1 political legislative project called ‘society’ and 14 practical projects to manage society on a world base).
In a period of revolutionary struggles, legeslative ‘councils’ must come together to debate and decide on a transition program towards an non-capitalist society. To prepare this kind of situation we could already form, and in fact are forming embryonal committees.
Once an agreement on the demands for each project is reached, their international executive organ can organise international elections for or against such a transitional program.
Since that program will be mainly based on the needs of proletarians, such a program shall have a large majority. After the aproval of the program, the councils can organise international elections on a non-party base.
To appoint the responisible dirigents of each project in society, people would be able to give their votes for candidates arranged in one of the 15 projects necessary to manage society. Dirigents must follow the guidelines of the projects and can be replaced if they don’t follow the program, or if they prove to be not ready to manage whatever is to be managed.
In this way the State, as an instrument in keeping capitalism in power, can be replaced by a proletarian hierarchy, capable of providing a real socialist alternative and a mode of functioning for the transition towards socialism …which becomes more needed as years go by.
The 15 projects , needed to manage society in a modern, technocratical way, are : one legislative project, 14 executive projects, all having delegates in the legislative project)
-SOCIETY-project (legislative and juridicial matters : proletarian members from the councils can be candidate. Their can be a delegation from consumer)organisations as well. The project ‘society’ will have to debate on the demands for each project.
A temporary proposition and an exemple of this can be found on the homepage
The main, unanswerd question is : ‘can we go directly from a wage-based society towards a wage-less form of organising society ‘ ? Objectively we are ready for this; capitalism and we, the workers, have developed the material conditions for it, but are we ready for such a change, ‘subjectively’ ? We should put up an educational campaign on it…on all the aspects it includes.
The role of ‘money’ in a new non-speculative society, based on purely administrating production and distribution or public services in a first stage; could be reduced to buying food and consumer-goods (their prices based on worldwide standardised production conditions).
The cost of Public Services could be organised as subscriptions taken from our wage befor you get it.

A lot shall depend on what will happen to class-consciousness in its confrontation with the living-conditions to be expected unther a further rule of capitalism (objective factors) A lot shall depend also on our ability to organise an the amount of objection within workers rangs themself.
If Statereformism can keep capitalism goiing in times of depression, and an important number of proletarians, or independents whose livingconditions are effected in a negative way, will resist the proletarians that choose to organise in councils; then all kinds of proletarian propositions must avoid the civil war the bourgeois parts of society will eventually seek.
The executive projects for managing society can be arranged as : work/food/housing/energy/telematics/transport/environment/production/
I hope you understood this explanation. I know that different kinds of socialists are trying each to reach their goals in separated ways, basing themselves on different analyses of history. But do we not share the same goals and should we not learn to work together on a realistic an practical base, not just an academic one ?
Wether you have but your believes in reaching the socialist transformation of society by means of bourgeois-democratic elections for propaganda-purposes or whether you are organising on another base; our class needs a program and an alternative way to organise and manage society. In the mean while we (in general) still get the politicians we ‘deserve’, because of our low degree of assertivism and because of the fact we still cling to bourgeois ideology , whether politically or emotionally. You can come over for a discussion.

I wonder what military stratigists are already planning for the future.
Most of the modern developed countries can rely on professional troops.
Since they abolished the ‘civil’ militay duty for young men, they fight their wars from the air. They know that a massive rection against their wars is not evident in these times where their media prepares the minds months before they attack. ‘Humanitary’ Interventions’ for situations they helped to create themselves.
They put Sadam in power. They armed the ‘religious’ lunatics in Afghanistan. They pushed nationalism in the East. They controled the political scene in the middle East and in Africa. They gained and still gain big money producing weapons. They supported one ethnic group against an other.
What are their plans. Will they ‘intervene’ in Russia once the proces of every kind of desintegration shall accelerate and shall threaten their newly found ‘colony’ ? They surely continue to destabilize their economical concurrents like China, using the trick of ‘bourgeois democracy’ again; or the ‘red danger’.
They and all the ones that serve their system that fools us day in day out. They project their images of beiing rich and wealthy into our minds and oblige us to go and work to purchase a happy life, matching up to their standards. They put in the minds of millions that ‘one exists more if one can buy more’ They make us believe that working like robots adds to our personal development. They convinced us that producing goods is only possible if huge profits can be made. With the help of ‘our’ unions they teach us that lay-offs are indispensable to ‘survive’ .
They try to make some of their statements as the most natural order of things; so that ‘s why they dare defend the use of cheap medecins against Aids in South Africa for exemple. They pay their supermanagers and our footballplayers millions a year. Their States keep us well divided, according to our ‘place’ in the system. But still they keep saying we are all so equal.
Why do we KEEP PUTTING UP with this ? We vote, they stay in power, ‘liberalising the world’ more and more. State-related jobs keep some of us in a sort of obedience, the ones who oppose themselves put themselves out of a job, just like in private enterprises. We work, they live their lives on the profits we make. We keep on accepting their kind of hierarchy instead of inventing and imposing our own. Their system stays in place because of it’s hierarchical cohesion. Some of us believe that a system of their own can do without hierarchy; but even equality cannot function without it. The political hierarchy we must work towards to, must
be a hierarchy that is based upon the dirigents of an economical and social program. If one day council all around the world shall organise elections, we should be able to first say yes to a global revolutionary program and then elect the ones guiding the different projects of society. The ones delegated by the worldcouncil and the ones internationally elected on the lists of the projects should be accepted as the highest hierarchy.
When ever there are indications that someone doesn’t forfill it’s responsabilities, according to what he or she was put in charge for, a majority of workers in a company , a project or council, could ask for that persons removal. ALL THESE TEXTS RESULTED IN a worldwide referendum for program and project elections

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we are also family,friends and lovers

We are also family, friends and lovers
When you take a close look at your own live and that of people you know, you surely often observe that it seems like personalities with opposite emotional characteristics have married or other, less official relationships.
It starts with attraction and falling in love and its degrees, that depend on how deep the relation, not only between the consciousness of the lovers is, but also how profound teir link with the collective consciousness is ( their degree of involvement in seeking where they position themself in their personal evolution and their degree of intrest in all kind of sciences; especially human sciences : psychology, history, literature,…). The quality of such a relationship also is chalenged by the quality of the links with the different kinds of social or psychological relationships surrounding the couple.
In many cases a love, is simply sabotaged by the social living conditions ( as often ones cultural development is). In all cases love is determined by the genetical heritage and the education of the persons who are attracted to one another, because they find something ‘stronger’ or ‘sweeter’ in one another. People that have not learned to be emotionally independent will try to attract someone ‘stronger’ then them…the strong one will feel good, because, he or she is ‘helping’…genetically spoken maybe this might be a contribution to an emotionally stronger child…but this is wanting to play some kind of Superbeing; life does not work in this way.
Because, if you look closely, the ‘weak’ one (and almost always each person has a stronger and weaker side) , the ‘weak’-part ‘gives’ to the stronger one also, …he or she teaches him or her to be more confident or look for somebody more emotionally equal.
Can somebody emotionally less unstable change her or his genetical code of behaviour and become stronger, and what is the relationship between beiing aware of all this and the subconscious and unconscious ? A person can be aware of things, this means, he is conscious of things. Depending on her or his educational, genetical and emotional background, one will start ‘reasoning’ about the elements in ones consciousness, with maybe to much the accent on money-linked problems or reasoning with an emotionally overreacting mind. If one does not choose for the hart or for the intuitive richness a spiritual link can bring along it will take getting over a lot of confusion to find ones road on life again.
Somebody who is open to his or her relation with ‘nature’ and feels a link with eternal things, can reach her or his ‘inner’ better.
People who have reached their ‘soul’ and are free from negative emotions , are not far away from an inner contact.
The really spiritual stuff, is the inner life you feel inside when you reach a non-emotional dialogue with yourself…and if you’re lucky…with the person you love.
Because if you meet somebody on the same ‘frequence’ , love can reach high mountains. You can stay there more easily if you do not get into other relationships that reach a sexual level; because then you will again feel the power of what instincts can do in starting the process of emotional thinking again. (or maybe the ‘new’ person should be ‘evoluated’ or ’emotionally-strong’ to ) I don’t know yet, but this kind of situation would open the box of negative emotions as well I think. The atoms and cells, responsible for this behaviour can’t act otherwise, because their original blueprint was one egg and one spermatozoid. That is why everybody in fact longs for one steady lover.
One lover. In the story of your own growingprocess towards your soul, this is a positif something, provided that you don’t look for a partner because of material reasons, or reasons of emotional insecurity. The relationship between two people can be so intens, that you can support that your partner still has somebody else…but in the end…all persons will bear the weight from the ones that suffer under the differences in communicating in all it’s ways. (with words, body,prescence…).

When you have a good relationship with someone, or a good period in a relationship with someone, you can ‘admit’ you ‘know’ somebody else…otherwise there is something wrong…finding out where, is a mutual as well as an individual process; where the ‘pain in the hart’ or certain illusions force you to do some things or to speak some words that again, create new situations.
I can imagine that married people, who married mainly out of emotional or ‘resonable’ reasons, are forced by their souls to look for someone else, and I can imagine that they stay together because of their young children for example.
I also can imagine that they even have no sexual relationship any more, but I cannot imagine one of the two staying single, then you stay a victime of the other, because your lack of beiing able to communicate to another man or woman in all it’s different ways.
Now the real problem in getting out of this kind of situation is , not beiing able to talk about it…because people are not taught to see the whole philosophical picture, they keep on using the old ways of thinking. ‘Good’, ‘Bad’ and ‘Victim’ in stead of looking to the specific genetical and emotional energy that is present in a relationship…only by doiing so, you reach your soul and from their onwards (and earlier) you get more open for an energy where no ‘burning of negative emotions’ is necessary any more…except if emotional love tricks you again. In the end you’ll know the difference between emotional love and intuitive love and their variations.
If you have a good love-life, your innercommunication functions better as well.
It’s a pitty we use the word Love also in a sexual meaning; why not use the word Sex or Body-desire for the biological part of Love ?
Maybe you are just honnestly and simply happy with somebody and you do not need other experiences because you know nobody is perfect. .I hope you do not start thinking that you are missing something, or that your life was incomplete because of one partner all your life…nobody is the same. Maybe I don’t have to teach you about love at all… how to interpretate the sounds, the words, the images, the events, the ‘electricity’, we can all learn to ‘feel’, instead of just ‘hearing’ and ‘seeiing’. A lot of suffering, your own or that from others, will teach you when you cannot help or love any more. Have confiance, in the end it is a beautiful scenario, ones you’ve liberated yourself from to much suffering that makes you ill. Your hidden forces want to express themselves through everything that lives and everything lives…exept people who don’t want to become really themselves.

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what and who we really are and where we came from

What we really are and where we came from.
In fact in our search for the meaning of life, we can start by realising that something can only exist if it has a meaning, a sense.
Why is that ? Because something without a form cannot exist…every kind of matter that tends to take a space which tends to approach or equalise to ‘zero’ …it explodes. It’s just like ‘the’ or one of the ‘big-bangs’ of the history of universe. To much pressure on a certain point, makes everything explode, in both the micro and makro world…who in fact are one : stars, atoms, cels, …even our relations…to much pressure makes new developments possible…if these are improving the position of the old situation…we call something ‘meaningfull’.
The laws of nature developed very ideal conditions for life as we know it to get started. After the big-bang there wasn’t really anything one could ‘touch’. Matter existed as different kind of radiation. In Dutch the word for ‘radiation’ is ‘straling’…when someone is happy we say he looks ‘stralend’. It were the laws and try-outs of radiation that produced the first atom and later on the planets and the climate conditions that created the first cell and so on. It really is an amazing story which one can look up for oneself. So next time you walk through a forest be also aware of the speed with which the earth unther your feet still travels in the direction it was pushed some 15 billion years ago.
All that beautifull past, all the wisdom the first cells atained when they learned how to divide to stay alive…all of that stuff is still living the very moment you read these words. When we die a part of us becomes minnerals and so on, but the radiation leaves our bodies…the study of the way our mind observes and some personal experiences I prefer not calling ‘mystical’, as well of some scientifical studies lead me to strongly believe that our lives not only have a social meaning…but on a personal level we interact to create the conditions that bring us closer to our soul. Our soul, not only the pieces of genetical heritage goiing back to the first cells…but the essence that is really ours…maybe it’s our continiously enriched radiation from so long ago.
In fact, isn’t everything that exists not only one soul ? We see ‘God’ as the ideal abstract person which controls everything, but in fact the purpose of our evolution is to make this world work so that we materially can live in peace to spend more and more time in comparing the ways in which we give meaning to our lives. To someone who believes in reincarnation we would say that the same person can appear unther aproximatly the same conditions after a billion big-bangs for exemple…or maybe we could answer that we were already there as a piece of all the ones we descended from. We are a great mix, but the navigator inside us should always follow the line of his hart, not the line of how much money he can make or how he can take a revench on someone. We should all try to overcome all our philosophical, religious and personal differences and negative emotions based on what ever happened in the past and forget our bloody history and start again by focussing on the present and wishing good things for the future to come.
Matter and spirit have always been one. Matter was energy and energy always means the possibility of creation and evolution.
Even if one tries to destroy energy you always get a change of form, no vanishing into nothing. ‘The meaning of life’ is something that has always been there. The journey from nature to human culture was a very long one.

Matter contains energy that has prepared the coming into beiing of spiritual energy…or maybe matter originally alwa was the total collected energy between two big bangs.
The first meaning of life is therefore the coming into existence, the maintenance and growth of spiritual matter. All chemical and fysical powers like temperatures, distances, speeds, pression, time as well;
all movements from atoms and cells …everything serves the growth of spiritual energy.
It has always been like this, because electrons cannot be destroyed. Our mind is not only composed by the electrons of all our braincells, but of the atoms of all our other cells. In fact we can say that all our cells have a specific consciuousness.
The question ‘who are we’, can best be answered by ‘where do we come from’. That question no longer is a monopoly of religion. ‘Religion’ comes from the French word ‘relier’, combining. Combining science and philosophy and politics and psychology, helps us to understand the real meaning of our lives. ‘Faith’ can be based upon a beautiful smile or brilliantly used words or notes as well…the answer to the question ‘the meaning of life’, never only is intellectual.
In fact the ones who wonder to much about whether there is or isn’t a God, are occupied with the following question : ‘Is there an energy that has less or as much or more consciousness as we…and did that energy not have to travel all the way from radiation to atom to cell and human being to achieve this consciousness ‘ ? What kind of energy is present in before a big-bang ? The enriched energie of the previous cycle of big-bang and colapse in one point again …or is it every time the same kind of energy starting all the way from the same energylevell ?
So in fact what some call ‘god’ could be the expression of the longing for more energy, more enriched consciousness…in the present, future and past, the past, beiing the previous enrgylevellsituation. In fact when when die we maybe still have our radiation as a form of beiing aware.
It thus seems that the creation of endless energy always restarts with not wanting to be nothing or nobody…both non existing things. ‘Radiation’ thus is the combination of all kinds of energy that existed in a cyclus between two big-bangs and which wants to start again and start something new.
Is it Einstein and others and their books and heritage or the radiation they are amongst us that makes me conclude all this after years ? Who knows…because I somethimes don’t I believe.
Rather then beiing divided into traditional believers and their divisions on the one hand and those who believe in another way and it’s divisions… aren’t there enough other questions we should resolve ?
Why isn’t there a system for managing society that makes ignorance, war, poverty and famine impossible ?
How come the relationship between ‘lovers’ or other relationships can be so complicated ?
So, in one question : ‘why does man have so much difficulties with those strange ‘things’ like god, dead, history, money or values like friendship, family, pleasure,lust, … ‘ ?
I think for one part it is because we haven’t learned to observe objectively enough…aren’t our observations continously beiing deformed by our own or the negative emotions of others ?
On the other hand it seems like maybe even before the ejaculation and the landing of the egg, there’s a game between coalitions of genes goiing on…like as if our past seeks to continue it’s story in the future already…
not wanting to become ‘meaningless’ but learning the lessons the previous generations we ones were still had and have to learn. So in fact life has always been and is an endless school, teaching in many ways.

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