the way life operates

the way life operates
In each epoch of civilisation people wrote. In the beginning they didn’t write about how after the big-bang, the invisible forms of matter we call ‘radiation’ created the first atoms, how later on planets were formed and how the first cells came into existence.
In fact ‘coming into existence’ is not the right word to express something concerning evolution…everything that exists existed already for eternity.
The main reason why life exists anyhow is because something without a form, something meaningless, cannot exists…a form of matter that tends to become equal or smaller then zero, explodes. This was the reason for the bigbang. To much pressure on anything and
anywho and new situations and creations and development will follow. One can say that we are who we were ment to be because in fact we were there already in the form of radiation earlier then the first atom that was created…which also isn’t a correct way of putting it because the first atom already was a piece of the first radiation and so on.
We came a long long way and in fact we’re much older then the latest bigbang some 15 billion years ago.
If some day maybe the last human beiing on earth or in space will die, a part of him will become once again a form of radiation…in fact for a part we are radiation…but we cannot touch it…or can you ‘touch’ your conversation when you are phoning without wire ? When you study science, you will find a lot of metaphors that will try to show you how life operates. ‘Life’…not only our life, but the total beiing of it.
To become a more conscious person, this ‘feeling one with life’ is the first step we should learn to take. Just like nature can miror itself in each drop of dawn in the morning, we, if we allow some light in our consciousness, we can feel the unity of the universe inside ourselves. Whenever we feel ‘divided’ we should try to imagine the basic principles mentioned above. Feeling one with nature isn’t so hard to do when you take a walk in a quiet place…and even those who live on ther country somethimes forget about their links with the univers. Always remember, even in a flat on the fourth floor it’s possible to feel good.The trouble is that we mostly feel seperated from our origins because of the fact that we must eat and have shelter every day, we are social beiings…our worries about things like money and other material needs are a risk to feel divided with who in fact we are.
An even greater risk that threatens our feeling well and undivided, are our negative emotions. Even if we do not have financial problems, even if we like our job…negative emotions can make us completely nuts. As long as we can feel some positive emotions there still is hope for each of us. At the same time, while following the line of positivity and while trying to understand negative emotions…we should be severe to them…they only come our way in order to teach us who we really are and why everybody must take responsability for his own life, not trying to seek a revench for the pain one suffered or started. How can we use those positive emotions to create a better relationship with ourselve, with the ones we meet every day and with the rest of the world ?
Why we allow so many people of using emotions or money wrongly to spoil a part of our lives with their lies …aren’t we around to teach them a lesson from time to time ?
Good and evil do exists, but the devil is our own creation. We musn’t allow anyone or ourself to divide us in any way.
‘God’ is our own invention too and this idea or this feeling indeed can help a lot of us…but it can also, once again, ‘divide’ ourselves in groups of different believers.
Why should someone who plays rugby look down on someone who plays football…they are both sports aren’t they ? Why should protestants want to fight catholics in Northern Ireland or why should sijiets murder sunnis or vice versa ? Division always looks around the corner…if you are a happy couple …why invite trouble ? Sometimes life uses differences and trouble to obtain some purification, the less conscious we are about this way of progressing, the later we realise what is happening to us in the meanwhile.
In Europe we do not go to war any more against each other. How was it possible that war broke out then before ? Wasn’t war always the last phase of economical competition between tribes or countries ? Always some leading economical groups in society make war with the help of their political friends…they cannot do so if the ones who chose them, take an undivided decided action against them.
No country can afford to go to war when small businessmen, farmers and workers go on strike against it. Sometimes life succeeds in creating the conditions to make such positive things possible…aldough a lot more coordination between different worldevents stays needed. In other cases things go from bad to worse with seemingly no end to it.
Just like in our own little lifes with their ups and downs and downfalls.


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Against Fanatism

against fanatism :science can prove the meaning of life and dead
I can fully understand that people need to be followers of a religion, I hold nothing against them. Each religion contains certain values that non-religious persons understand as well. Originally the word ‘religion’ comes from the French word ‘relier’, wich means ‘connecting’. In fact non-religious people practice religion in their search for understanding the meaning of life through studying science, philosofy, history, religion, psychology…they connect all this together to a vision. I hope one day we will live in a world where everybody has the means to work and live humanly without people following fundamentalist leaders in their appeals for bloody ‘holy’ wars. I hope some day a time of worldpeace will come where people have the time to study and understand that life really has a lot of usefull meanings. Even ‘dead’ and eternal life can partly be explained scientifically.
Let’s try. What can our generations add to what has already been discovered ? Asking wheter a ‘God’ exist is the same question as asking whether at the ‘beginning’ there
was an energie that did not need the whole evolution that we went through, to reach the same consciousness.

axioama ‘O’
a) Something without a form does not exist, because something equal to ‘Zero’,can not exist, it ‘explodes’…just like the ‘big-bang(s)’. This is true as well for what happens in atoms and cells as for what happens to suns that explode and even in relationships or societies unther pressure : ‘they explode’…when they approach the point of meaningless :Zero…you can fight it, but you can’t stop it.

b) All matter posseses ‘energy’

c) All kinds of energy produced the first ‘cel’, the first not ‘purely’ matterly form of consciousness. ‘Consciousness’ still functions according to the structure of the atom , with the centre of the atom that can interact with the negatively charged electrons that surround it. The center can also ‘not act’ when it uses it’s ‘neutron’ charge (+ and – in balance) It is thesame model as the ‘decision-making-model’ in our heads.

d)Cells learnt how to multiply themselves by dividing themselves…they already had a kind of intelligence they heritated from mineral life, light, water, air…and they passed it on to us. When those first cells died , they past their intelligence to the new ones, but not in yet in a genetical way…because they did not ‘discover’ how to divide themselves yet. Maybe they past it on in a spiritual way.

axioma 1
a)biological life and matter are one

b)there still is a connection between both, not only the earth giving us food and the sun giving us light,
,but we still beiing earth, light, waves….conscious energy

axioma 2
a)there still is a connection between biological life itself

b)that connection is influenced by the events, by thaughts, by words, by acting…

c)there is an ever changing and evoluating hierarchy in the network of biological life, even in your own 91

d)the way one thinks and speeks and evoluates does not only depend from him or her itself but also from the genetical, emotional and cultural influences from the environment

e)we’ll have to ‘balance’ before we decide on important matters, study, not blindly ‘follow’

axioma 3
a)What happens to our last ‘biological’ consciousness when we die ? It returns to it’s former components…but let us not forget that we are light and waves and fire and anti-matter as well as ‘earth to earth’. We also maybe keep on evoluting according to our merits and the progres that is made on earth as well. So indirectly we maybe can become
a kind of ‘advisers’ and not only continue our lives through our genetical heritage.
So you see fantasy and believing can be wonderfull and if they are based on science…they can be a hope for the future ?
b)Life is full of beautiful symbolism, isn’t it ?

octo, from the Philosophers For Peace -group
camerades, frères et soeurs Arabes comrades, Arab brothers and sisters :
sallaam alleikumVous n’etes pas les ennemis des travailleurs du reste du monde. Faites quand même attention que vous vous basez sur les choses valables de vos textes du Koran et pas sur les extrimistes religieux qui veulent utiliser ces valeurs pour justifier des massacres. Ce sont les gouvernements de droite ou un premier de droite et un president de droite qui ont envoyés des troups en Irak, pas les travailleurs. C’est vrai que les travailleurs doivent de plus en plus se revolter de manière pacifique contre l’imperialisme, mais vous aussi vous devez vous liberer des anciens structures. Ne croyez pas comme gens croyant en ”Dieu que ‘les autres’ sont tous des gens qui ne
croient pas dans l’éternité de la vie, on y croit, mais d’un façon plus scientifique; même la plupart de ceux qui ne vont plus à l’église.
Comment la vie a-t-elle commencée ? Quelque chose qui n’a pas de forme ne peut pas exister, car tout ce qui est plus petit ou égale à zero…explode.
Ceci est vrai aussi bien pour les étoiles que pour les atomes. Le grand et le petit. Le big-bang, suivit par la formation des planetes et enfin la vie, les cellules…font preuf que l’histoire de la vie a une signification. Et comment expliquer l’immortalité demandriez vous ? C’est ma conviction que les premiers cellules qui se formaient, quand elles mouraient, leur energie a rejoingnées l’énergie des cellules nouvelles nées pour leur instruire enfin de leur apprendre à se diviser pour se multiplier. Ce proces à mené jusqu’à le sex a été inventé après la formation des premiers organismes qui seulement se multipliaient en se divisant. Alors les plantes et les animaux et l’homme sont venu. L’Histoire de l’homme va dans le sense d’une planete pas divisée par des frontieres nationalistes ou réligieuses . Le chemin peut etre long, mais se fixer sur les anciens pouvoirs de l’histoire … .

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so there was life after dead !

particular energy
A few sentences are in Book Antiqua style and date from 9/1O/2010 or have been later introduced or reworked. Original text I wrote in 2003

So there really was life after death.
About ten, twelve years ago I wrote the following senses: ” Peace will come in the heart of the ones with honest souls. Prevent the world from destruction and lead people to better lives. Never forget that the world is indivisible. There is but one life and one world, takes your responsibility and live as intense as possible. Be wise and light to be a guide. Go to the people and speak of joys to be. Your place is where you will feel free. Explain them the difference between the material world and the spiritual matter. Truth is simple. Truth hides in the past, lives in the present and needs the future. Why does one find so little joy between many people? People do not wonder enough about who they are and what means and what the lives they lead mean. They should be more philosopher than materialist, they should ask themselves why they live in a world of wealth and poverty, war and peace, stress on the work and unemployment. But there are other reasons for the lack of joy… reasons about which one cannot yet write and reasons about which nobody can write.”
By means of this short story, I’ll try to show what ‘dead’ in fact means.
there was life after dead !

introduction : through the past in a few lines
Nothing is more ‘real’ then living life itself, how real art as well can be.
We all, we are characters in a real novel that has been going on since ages.
Persons create persons and then vanish again.
Since thousands of years we try to put our experiences in to signs.
The more you understand about it, the harder sometimes to put it down in words.
The good man does, continues to live after him
The evil also. Positive and negative interact in completion.
The sense of it all, in every way a powerful, meaningful something.
One can only observe and react, starting from an indifferent equilibrium
Science can give us a logical explanation about life.
A trained observer experiences more ten the logic of things
Objective sciences mostly only have an eye for their field.
Philosophy, Psychology and history must unify the other logic.

Einstein put together the achieved and unveiled a new point of view.
Time, space and matter became more relative then we thought.
Religion tried to make us believe in Gods and God.
Knowledge and truth still were far away from proving a new kind of unity.
Marxists tried to understand the laws of history.
Conservative establishment was against the sense of life socialism discovered.
But nobody could control the subjective factor.
Freud and others tried to show the role of the unconscious.
But they did not discover the deeper meaning of life.
We all, could be more people looking for the meaning of life.
A meaning that surpasses life and dead.
But we are caught in a lot of kinds of habits and ‘pain’.
Life itself is a source of inspiration for everything I wrote about in every literary form.
I can stop writing and let it go by me till I understand the meaning of it better within a few years…or I can try to make a rapport of it every day. I taught about the structure of my day and had a look at my work and the things I studied, the documentaries I kept on video, some newspaper-articles which I kept because I thought they had a lasting value. To make this understandable for readers, I first had to bring them a number of philosophical life-attitudes. How to start this ? Those attitudes were partly the result of a critical study of the existing attitudes and partly the result of my own practical experiences midst all kinds of persons which are to be found in every one’s life.
We’ve all got them : family, lovers, friends, social and political persons,… .
With all that ‘brainstorming’ going on in my head, I was afraid of ‘boiling over’ and remaining on my chair till inspiration came, looked like dangerously reaching a unallowable border. I went outside to sit on a chair and stumbled back inn. Symbolically I closed the door. Something cracked inside me.
I closed my eyes for the last time here on earth. An unexpected goodbye, where I had thought a lot about. A few things I had imagined, became true. The experience itself was a quite different, something comparable whit what I had experienced during the burning to ashes of an old colleague of mine. There was this kind of magnetism that started in my feet and got upwards, like it seemed to be coming from the ground. When it reached my hart, I taught ‘oh’, ‘something is wrong with me’. But no, the magnetism accelerated it ‘ s speed and once in my head, it became a kind of more-dimensional triangle, pyramid kind of ‘light dimension’ which, like a starship in science-fiction vanished into space. This form of yellow kind of light, did it disappear into the spaces of micro cosmos or the ones of macro cosmos ? Or was there an indifferent equilibrium in between ?
Probably I was in the anti-matter that every matter has, in the microcosmical world …but that world is everywhere, even in the macro-world. Was I in somebody or in the spiritual world as a unity ? So I did solve a part of the mystery ‘god is everywhere’. I happened to be in the antimatter of all the elements that once composed me, radiation as well as minerals, gasses and so on.
In any case, there was life after dead.
During my life, I had three different options about dead. We surely fell back into the elements from which we were composed; energies like minerals, water, air, light and waves with each their own kind of consciousness. Since we were connected genetically with the rest of the biological world…we were not dead in that sense. As a third option I already suspected that all ones usable experiences in life, which had started with the genetic three …before one’ s life; after dead could be used as an energy working in two directions. That energy, like the electrons it was made of, is not destroyable; it can only change in form…and that is what happens to us before and during and after our life.
I experienced my ‘dead’ as being reborn in another dimension, in the awareness that ‘I’ and ‘we’ had already lived for ever…far before the existing of the first atom and the first cell…as a kind of physical energy with a ‘soul’, a bit if like the center of something ‘good’, like an artist trying always to express himself, wanting to become atom and cell and so on; while the entire process creates structure and cooperation in the different elements. And even if the total of matter should disappear, it would emerge in another point. That other point, that is the same, is the point with in the cycle of the 8-form. Like in DNA and the hart as center of the blood circulation. Like a star as the center of a part of macro matter and an atom as the center of micro matter a bit as well.
The feeling I had, was like watching the light that from the evening colors passes into the dark of the night and in a number of light gradations is being born again in the morning.
Just as like when you are living, when you do not know if there is life after dead, when you are dead , you do not know if you still have a body or not. This is strange, very strange…from one ‘mystery’ you in fact dive into another.
My individuality began a long journey alongside our collective and individual past to the point of my dead, where individuality again seemed to vanish in collectivity and yet it had a separated existence at the same time. It all happened rather fast, but on earth I would have needed many pages to describe. The voyage I was on, went from atom to cell and the building up of our existing society, it was like turning the pages of an educational book, but in a more clever than a digital way even. The more clear the message and contents from the journey were, the more effort the voyager had spent in his life, to understand the meaning of life.
The spiritual world was like a kind of internet-community, composed of the different kinds of tempers of everyone who had existed so far. Every life was a kind of ‘home-page’ in fact…with branches to all the ones in the human story they had known. ‘Had known’ or ‘knew’…it was not yet clear to me. It seemed that the better it became to live on earth, the more beautiful the symbolism between the ones that already past away (the past away’ s) and the still living in a classical way became. Was this what moved the interaction between the two worlds ?
As soon as I reached a certain point NOW on my and our earthly past, the new laws of my new form of existence, became clear to me. They not only made my speechless, I also could not ‘speak’ any more, when I got aware in which manner I could only express myself at the biologically living persons.
There also was the awareness that they could use my energy and I theirs…but only in a symbolical, intuition manner through thinking and dreams and images and things that happened…a kind of ‘inspiration’ in fact.
I did not only have a ‘voice’ any more, I also did not ‘see’ any more…because I myself had become a part of light and air and all the other elements I was composed of…without knowing exactly what…like one cannot see one’s own inside organs and like one can only see oneself in a mirror. We only can feel the intensity of who we are. Still I was able to think by means of images and thoughts, like one can see images in his head in a biological body…al dough some scientists say that they aren’t there. Stronger than before I felt the good person I had always been.
Another thing that became clear to me, was that I did not knew if I could still ‘hear’, because like something that was said…I could remember hearing voices and sometimes I wondered if a voice wasn’t a taught.
With ‘being dead’ the ‘emphasis’ was being put more on ‘feeling’, even ‘thought’ was a feeling. Trying to feel with who in life you really were connected with. Not literally ‘feeling’, but ‘touching each other in the spirit’, not in the ‘mind’(like in the soul) on earth…but it still seemed much like the positive feelings parents and friends can have for each other. It became clear to me, that during one’s life on earth all the consciousness and deeds one collects; all that positive and negative energy that interacts…at the same time on the ‘other side’ is being put together like a puzzle. The final ‘result’ gives you the amount of ‘inner knowledge’ you have reached when you die. Once when we no longer are biological, we can feel the intensity of who we are.

Ones earthly ‘soul’, based on positive and negative emotions, who commands ones earthly life; sometimes let’s go some pieces of ‘spiritual information’, we the ‘past away’ s’ , need…in order to be able to pass on our information. One’s final dead is the unified picture of your life, offered to you. From the moment you understand this at the other side, you get a kind of spiritual orgasm that enables you to realize that you are not alone at the other side…and that one can communicate as well with other spirits over there.
Just like on earth one needs other people to be oneself. On earth sometimes some people are aware of these things, but those moments seem to disappear because the amount of events that come and go. On the ‘other side’ there also are times when one can isolate oneself…that often are moments when one is the most in unity with everyone and everything. Not always nevertheless.
Just like a child that is born all of the sudden is surrounded met beings with which it has another kind of intensity in contact…no longer the strange noises from in the belly. People who believe in classical reincarnation would say that this is the bridge from one live to another, even if they believe that the soul only enters the body with birth.(Sunday 24 april2011 Eastern, most hot day in 60 years in Belgium).
On very clear moments in one’s life one can realize these things, but due to the fact of the never stopping flow of events, one is not always conscious of this process.
Like on earth, life after dead is not always ‘romantic’…because the process of consciousness that started with the voyage from atom to cell, organism, animal, men and society…that process continues after dead. It depends on your merits whether you are armed to be able to continue that awareness-project. Your ‘hierarchy’ as well depends from your merits…and this has not much to do with the diplomas you got, neither with the kind of work you did? You ,’biological living ones’ should be amazed about some people you taught you knew and who they are over here. But later more about that. If I get permission to say something about it, I will, but I have a feeling I won’t.
To be able to explain all this I have to get back to my puzzle of life

There was a reason why I had lived and still was living
I ‘watched’ the places in the world that I had abandoned and ‘saw’ de growth of the harvests on the fields near the roads I had lived and traveled. I saw the cars on the roads and the smoke coming from factories and some houses. I saw the animals, but he people, I did not see. Maybe I was in the people and that is why I could not see them anymore.
Very strange in the beginning. My friends only lived in my memories…I only could see them in my memories, which was a way of better understanding how they felt…even on a present stage basis.
But how they felt did not preoccupy me at the moment, I needed my energy to concentrate on a text of a novel or essay I wanted to complete. I had called the introduction ‘my inspiration maps’.
I saw the text lying on my desk, but how could I finish this book ?
Maybe there somewhere was a writer with still a biological life to lead, who read one of my former works and did not have any inspiration of from himself at the moment. During my life I had called into existence enough energy to allow me at this moment to be ‘connected’ with a living soul mate.
I would finish my book, through him. Sometimes he would be aware of my special kind of presence without knowing. Sometimes we were aware of each other, when he walked amongst the threes in the wood and taught about something he read about me. I always wanted to plant a wood myself and there was this writer who lived in a wood near water and entered his chalet, took the newspaper and cut out my photo and an article on my life. It gave me new energy to continue writing. A lot of writers were still continuing something amongst ‘us’ and ‘them’. Sometimes there seemed to be no difference amongst ‘them’ and ‘we’. Al dough we did not see ‘them’ busy with something…we felt what was going on in their world. Like the living sometimes were busy with the question what would happen after their dead, we, ‘past away’ s’ were busy wondering what our next life in the ‘after afterworld’ would be like. Our form of energy in the afterworld wasn’t eternal either and one day would change it ’s form as well. In a way we had we had bettered ourselves because we mainly communicated with spirits from the afterworld that used to have the same interests as we. It was very special how each of us tried to do this in his own way.
Those who as farmers had been concerned about agriculture, received energy from those who had liked doing this on earth. Communication between both sides worked as a system of connected fluids in different spaces. The negativism of a minority of farmers or landowners on earth often prevented the flowing of communication between farmers that had died and those still active on earth. Sometimes the representatives of the farmers in the afterworld came looking for advice with spirits that often had to deal with the same problems when they worked as farmers for example.
Then there was a communication amongst them and only the fact of this ‘exchange’ itself made it possible to generate some actions below that would improve something or that made farmers below aware. But sometimes it looked like a never ending struggle in each domain.
In the afterworld, the ones who caused those problems in the past suffered until some improvement was made.
So my friend the medium-writer had to tell people below to watch out and think about the suffering of their relatives in an heaven, that wasn’t always ‘heaven’ to them. Their relatives or people responsible for some misery of others should have to do something about it…before they end in the same position. If they act know, the ones who are at the origin of blockades between this world and the next shall free themselves here and in the next stage of life. In the afterworld the painfull part of the existence of ordinary working people is more quickly healed then of those who were responsible for big decisions. People who had mainly good intentions adapt very easily in what the afterworld has to offer. People who produced many good waves and did many good things to help others …still can feel how they are doing…without suffering and without being able to help them, when they aren’t conscious enough to ask it.
Those wise ‘afterworld’-men only can give some inspiration and advice, but the ‘receiving parts’ of the biologically living people have to be functioning…and they don’t when they are not in an emotional balance. Someone with too much negative emotions is a real problem for both the one below who is partly responsible for those emotions as for the one on earth. In many cases, help must come from other identities. Both groups have an important tool to help one another : the free will to act. This free will is a total product of all the situations where it was used and can for reasons, difficult to track down here on earth, be temporally blocked for both groups or their individual components. There for it is sometimes better not to act or stay in a position of indifferent balance.

The afterworld in which we function, only can make us philosophe about our ‘after afterworld’ because from time to time some ‘spirits’ disappear here, like on earth, some ‘souls’ disappear.
We use the term ‘after spirits’ here. We are trying to find the way to get in contact with them. Like on earth we still are in a kind of phase in between. Such a phase, like on earth you can divide in a number of stages of progressing or backsliding consciousness. Once more, what was already clear to me on earth became more clear to me in the afterworld. Everything is one and connected, but there are a number of phases. Like from silence seven sounds are born, with whom one can compose music, like from white all other colors are born. Like thought, feeling and inspiration can produce at least seven expressions of literature…from shouting to poetry…..Like one can touch someone’s skin in several ways as well. It was rather strange that some of us missed those last feelings and others didn’t. Why ? Again a question for us to solve. Did ‘time’ only continued to exist for those not feeling well because of existing ? Could we provoke the urge for a new genetic consciousness among the classical living ones ? “Did the classical ling beings then feel the urge to make new life, new individuals to come and continue the unfinished stories of the living and in a way of the dead ? Was this possible ? (24/4/2011)”
The search for a ‘why’ and ‘how’ was a never ending story it seemed.
Looking out for a new stage of existing in our development was a new kind of enigma, riddle to us.
I , unlike others, did not believe that we were going to reincarnate in another earthly body after disappearing out of the afterlife. I believed more in spiritual growth and trying to show the ones on earth, our genetic three, we partly left behind; that they had to help themselves to be get conscious happy and make a better world…in order to have a better life as well in the afterworld and help us at the same time by doing so. Octo

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