you call yourself a president-poems

you call yourself a president ?
you declared war while no state attacked you
you use the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’
but in fact you mean ‘ domination’ over the rest of the world
you can still smile, oh what a wonder…
while you see the mess you helped to create
let me give a reminder to soldiers and workers
no nationalist issue is word a struggle for
no competition between companies is word to go on strike for
in fact your workers, who build your world are unemployed
by working for different wages, they already are at war
they are made to believe your world is theirs

while it is so silent here…
someone is made to believe he has to let a bom go of
someone is paid to fight a war where the owners of economy
try to get richer from
it is so silent here… it was so silent in many a village around the globe
before subsidised and armed madness blew the silence away
all kinds of egoism govern the world
they are inside a lot of us
that’s why we follow the rules of the stock market
that’s why we don’t simple produce and distribute in a fair way
unnecessary activities give a false meaning to a lot of lifes

disarmementunther the controle of the united nations
begins with workers occupying their weaponfactories
begins with a ban on weaponsales worldwide
if no parlement on earth can achieve this
it can be achieved by the neighbourhood picketing before the stores
begins with a worldwide consumerstrike against your governement
begins with backing a united nations plan on disarmement
begins with using money for social purposes
begins with social development
begins with using global resources for the benefit of every nation

to the new generation
I say welcome to this life
They will say we are all socialy equal
Is it so difficult to invent a society without poverty ?
We achieved a lot already.
Resources are used for the happy few.
To much of speculation with money and stuff is goiing on.
The main reason for living is not that what you need to keep alive.
Use some other ways to find answers as well.
Learn to understand philosophy, history’s youngest child.
A lot of political suffering is based on our negative emotions.
A lot of trouble is based on not following our hart and spirit
Money should be a way of exchanging, not the ultimate goal.

Middle East Madness
While parents try to give their children a good education.
While workers try to do their job.
While some try to survive like animals.
While stockmarkets push economical war over it’s limits.
While evil is preparing it’s domino’s of downfall.
While too many amongst us aren’t educated in preparing for a real change.
While each day new heroes representing the greedy ones are presented,
in fact … idiots of the past.
It’s a good thing she knows when to enter the gate of my heaven…
to strengthen me.
Kalhil Gibran doesn’t have the same pessimistic view
on dead then the patriarchs over there

Detroit’s protest against the invasion
Detroit was against ‘d├ętruire’, destruction.
The destruction of Libanon.
Detroit manifested.
The news wasn’t brought.
The media in the hands of people unther the influence of money.
The yankee dollar used it’s Israeli fist.
He who kills his brother should never claim any sense of religion.
He’ll never be a great philosopher in…
the spiritual evolution behind beiing religious.

The ‘vote for me’-rage, de stem-voor-mij-rage
I have a wish.
That one day, we will cast our vote
on a program, not on parties.
A program to end poverty, war and pollution…
once and for all.
We have a wish.
That one day, after the international elections for such a program,
we will cast our vote
on project-lists, not party-lists…
so as to appoint skilled people in their field of responsibility,
without those games they play right now, bargaining for economical power.

We ought to have a wish.
That one day, we will appoint our presidents of work, housing, economy, managment of society, environment, energy, education…
maybe the whole world was an internet even before it was invented
-spirit is one


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