All around us , stalking everyone
Education and commerce, honoring it
Media feed the killing of medicine against it
Relations being kept within the old economical rules and instincts;
Not often the old borders are overcome
For the Madness, making love is reduced to fucking;
not a soul that penetrates and receives
another soul with it’s sex .
For the Madness being spiritual is not about the connection between the elements that created us (earth, light, energy…)and our consciousness now… but all about making more money then your neighbor
For the Madness, working like robots is being stress free
For the madness underdevelopment is necessary
For the madness, no other society with free public services is possible
For the madness , it alone can guarantee disciplines
For the madness unemployment and war and poverty are normal
Madness can buy us, and then we feed it; whatever victories we think we made.


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