text for the worker

text for the worker
You give the best of your own, the invisible, living on your money get you down
Their money makes you suffer, they control every second of your life
They use your mates to punish you when you get weak
Of course, they are better organised and control all structures
the newspaper, the art and teevee, the internet and your talk at the pub.
Their parties got the power, their paliments inspired by their race, their language, their ecology, their religion, their freedom of the strongest.
Their elections don’t talk about exploitation, their unions locked you out,
or put each of you in an isollated box. When are you going to attack ?
Of course, their order reigns and you’ve got some cash.
They keep on restructurating and close the factories
in times with so much hunger
What you faught for, they’ll take back again. Their new bloody world order marches ; while they spoil a few of us to keep strong themselves.
While old structures control, your own program, can’t be born
You cannot choose your leaders, you stay isolated…afraid, they cut your wings each day… untill you don’t fly no more
and the next generation steps in their tricks again
Give us the right to live and work, we will create welfare and income
If their system cannot give this, we’ll take the means for it
We don’t need complicated calculations. We count and divide.
Give us free subscriptions for almost everything, and we ‘ll do all the work;
our way, equally, without harming nature.
Give us time to think and talk and discover who we are,
we’re not jus that political and economical animal,
we have our human needs as well
We want to discover other cultures, not bombing them.
We want to get close to those inner energies we discover,
not follow their rivaling churches.We will make good things happen in time.
Can lessons from class-struggle become descisive ?
Or does evil continue to be permissive . (see further my political analyses of this age unther ‘lessons from history’


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