the way life operates

the way life operates
In each epoch of civilisation people wrote. In the beginning they didn’t write about how after the big-bang, the invisible forms of matter we call ‘radiation’ created the first atoms, how later on planets were formed and how the first cells came into existence.
In fact ‘coming into existence’ is not the right word to express something concerning evolution…everything that exists existed already for eternity.
The main reason why life exists anyhow is because something without a form, something meaningless, cannot exists…a form of matter that tends to become equal or smaller then zero, explodes. This was the reason for the bigbang. To much pressure on anything and
anywho and new situations and creations and development will follow. One can say that we are who we were ment to be because in fact we were there already in the form of radiation earlier then the first atom that was created…which also isn’t a correct way of putting it because the first atom already was a piece of the first radiation and so on.
We came a long long way and in fact we’re much older then the latest bigbang some 15 billion years ago.
If some day maybe the last human beiing on earth or in space will die, a part of him will become once again a form of radiation…in fact for a part we are radiation…but we cannot touch it…or can you ‘touch’ your conversation when you are phoning without wire ? When you study science, you will find a lot of metaphors that will try to show you how life operates. ‘Life’…not only our life, but the total beiing of it.
To become a more conscious person, this ‘feeling one with life’ is the first step we should learn to take. Just like nature can miror itself in each drop of dawn in the morning, we, if we allow some light in our consciousness, we can feel the unity of the universe inside ourselves. Whenever we feel ‘divided’ we should try to imagine the basic principles mentioned above. Feeling one with nature isn’t so hard to do when you take a walk in a quiet place…and even those who live on ther country somethimes forget about their links with the univers. Always remember, even in a flat on the fourth floor it’s possible to feel good.The trouble is that we mostly feel seperated from our origins because of the fact that we must eat and have shelter every day, we are social beiings…our worries about things like money and other material needs are a risk to feel divided with who in fact we are.
An even greater risk that threatens our feeling well and undivided, are our negative emotions. Even if we do not have financial problems, even if we like our job…negative emotions can make us completely nuts. As long as we can feel some positive emotions there still is hope for each of us. At the same time, while following the line of positivity and while trying to understand negative emotions…we should be severe to them…they only come our way in order to teach us who we really are and why everybody must take responsability for his own life, not trying to seek a revench for the pain one suffered or started. How can we use those positive emotions to create a better relationship with ourselve, with the ones we meet every day and with the rest of the world ?
Why we allow so many people of using emotions or money wrongly to spoil a part of our lives with their lies …aren’t we around to teach them a lesson from time to time ?
Good and evil do exists, but the devil is our own creation. We musn’t allow anyone or ourself to divide us in any way.
‘God’ is our own invention too and this idea or this feeling indeed can help a lot of us…but it can also, once again, ‘divide’ ourselves in groups of different believers.
Why should someone who plays rugby look down on someone who plays football…they are both sports aren’t they ? Why should protestants want to fight catholics in Northern Ireland or why should sijiets murder sunnis or vice versa ? Division always looks around the corner…if you are a happy couple …why invite trouble ? Sometimes life uses differences and trouble to obtain some purification, the less conscious we are about this way of progressing, the later we realise what is happening to us in the meanwhile.
In Europe we do not go to war any more against each other. How was it possible that war broke out then before ? Wasn’t war always the last phase of economical competition between tribes or countries ? Always some leading economical groups in society make war with the help of their political friends…they cannot do so if the ones who chose them, take an undivided decided action against them.
No country can afford to go to war when small businessmen, farmers and workers go on strike against it. Sometimes life succeeds in creating the conditions to make such positive things possible…aldough a lot more coordination between different worldevents stays needed. In other cases things go from bad to worse with seemingly no end to it.
Just like in our own little lifes with their ups and downs and downfalls.


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